HRP-2600 GUIDANCE Activities That are Not Human Subjects Research 1.0
HRP-2601 GUIDANCE Expanded Access to a Test Article 1.0
HRP-2630 GUIDANCE Modifications to Exempt Research 1.0
HRP-2631 GUIDANCE Types of Reportable New Information and their Reporting Requirements 1.1
HRP-2730 FLOWCHART Decision Tree for Reporting New Information 1.0
HRP-2731 FLOWCHART Decision Tree for Determining Use of Individual Investigator Agreement vs IRB Authorization Agreement 3.0
HRP-2350 AGREEMENT Individual Investigator Agreement 3.4
HRP-2351 AGREEMENT Single Study IRB Authorization Agreement 1.0
HRP-2650 INFORMATION Exempt Research Categories 1.0
HRP-2651 INFORMATION Research Categories Eligible for Review by the Expedited Procedure 1.0
HRP-2652 INFORMATION HIPAA Data Guidelines 2.0
HRP-2653 INFORMATION Criteria for IRB Approval of Research 1.0
HRP-2654 INFORMATION Registering a Study at ClinicalTrials.gov 1.1
HRP-2655 INSTRUCTIONS Supplemental Instructions for Consent Form 1.0
HRP-2656 INSTRUCTIONS Instructions for Short Consent Forms 1.2
HRP-2660 INFORMATION Examples of Non-compliance & Serious Non-compliance 1.1
HRP-2661 INFORMATION Examples of Adverse Events that are Unanticipated Problems 1.0
HRP-2662 INFORMATION Examples of Adverse Events that are Not Unanticipated Problems 1.0
HRP-2663 INFORMATION Examples of Non-adverse Events that are Unanticipated Problems 1.0
HRP-2670 INFORMATION LSUHSC Local Context Questionnaire Information 1.0
HRP-2672 INFORMATION Non-HSC Research Personnel Training and Documentation Requirements 1.0
HRP-601 DATABASE IRB Roster 1.0