Bayer's Grants4Targets Initiative

The goal of Bayer's Grants4Targets Initiative is to identify novel drug targets as the basis for the development of new therapeutic approaches.  Bayer is also interested in disease-related biomarkers in the following therapeutic fields- oncology, gynecology, cardiology, hematology, and ophthalmology.  Please visit Bayer's website for more information on what they consider a "drug target" and a "disease-related biomarker" and the way in which they would like to collaborate with academic researchers.


Astra Zeneca Open Innovation

Astra Zeneca’s Open Innovation platform is charged with identifying and establishing mutually beneficial collaborations with academic investigators that may lead to the discovery and development of new medicines.  Whether you would like to request the use of one of Astra Zeneca’s compounds for your pre-clinical or clinical study, or have a new therapeutic target that you would like validated, Open Innovation may be a valuable resource. Briefly, Open Innovation has five components:

  • Clinical Compound Bank – Nearly two dozen patient-ready compounds are being offered for novel, clinical and translational research into diseases with significant unsatisfied medical need. A list of available compounds can be found here.
  • Pharmacology Toolbox – Nearly four dozen compounds with optimized pharmacological properties are available for preclinical research to explore novel disease biology and advance scientific knowledge.  A list of compounds can be found here.
  • Target Innovation – Assists investigators with validating novel therapeutic targets or disease mechanisms, or identifying small molecules to their target.
  • New Molecule Profiling – Identify compounds created by academic investigators that are active in relevant disease biology assays.  These initial studies may serve as the foundation for further collaboration with Astra Zeneca.
  • R&D Challenges – Research and development challenges are posted by Astra Zeneca and collaborations are initiated with researchers who have creative and novel solutions.

Although Astra Zeneca welcomes proposals in any therapeutic area, their research and development efforts are focused on four key therapeutic areas: (i) cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, (ii) oncology, (iii) respiratory, inflammation and autoimmunity, and (iv) neuroscience.