Notable Changes

2020 Benefits Annual Enrollment

The following notable changes will be implemented for the 2020 benefits plan year:

  • LSU First
    • Premiums will increase by 5%.
    • Pre-Authorization on cancer services will be required.
  • Office of Group Benefits (OGB)
    • Health Premium will increases by 5%.
    • Office of Group Benefits (OGB) has finalized its contract renewal with Prudential.  Some age groups will see an increase in premiums.  
    • For employees enrolled in the HSA775 plan for 2019:
      • HSA limit for individuals increasing by $50 to $3,550.
      • HSA limit for families increasing by $100 to $7,100.
  • LSU Voluntary Benefits
    • No premium changes.
    • Dental plan changes -  The Basic Plan will switch from a Fee Schedule to a coinsurance model. Preventive and Diagnostic will continue to be covered at 100%, Basic services will be covered at 45%, and Major services will be covered at 20%. The Annual Maximum will also change from $1,500 to $1,000. The Enhanced Plan will have an annual deductible of $50 per person, up to $150 per family. The deductible will not apply to preventive and diagnostic services. To find an in-network provider, please visit and select the National PPO 20 option.
    • Critical Illness plan has added additional covered illnesses for 2020.
    • Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA) annual limit increased to $2,700.  


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