2022 Unclassified Performance Evaluation Process

LSU Health Sciences Center – New Orleans is committed to a culture of employee success, continuous improvement, and ongoing performance feedback.  A critical component of these goals is the completion of our annual performance evaluation and success planning process.  

The 2022 Unclassified Staff Performance Evaluation Process has been updated from past years to incorporate feedback from leaders and staff toward a standard evaluation form for all unclassified employees. Significant updates include...



Completed and signed evaluations for LSUHSC Faculty and Unclassified Staff must be submitted to HRM by May 20, 2022.


2023 Faculty Evaluation Guidelines  / Supplemental Rating Form

General Guidelines for 2022 Faculty Evaluations can be found here:

LINK: https://www.lsuhsc.edu/administration/hrm/2022_facultyevaluation_info.aspx 


Faculty Supplemental Rating Form:DOWNLOAD FILE HERE


2022 Unclassified Evaluation Form Download

Adobe Acrobat is required to ensure accurate calculations while completing this form.  

DO NOT complete this form in an internet browser as this may impact form function.
Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded via https://get.adobe.com/reader/ if it is not already installed on your computer.
Contact the IT Help Desk if you need support installing Adobe Acrobat.

  1. Download the form through the link below.
  2. Save to your computer.
  3. Open in Adobe Acrobat.
  4. Download Form:  2022 Unclassified Performance Evaluation Form (Single Reviewer)

The 2023 Unclassified Evaluation form has been created in Adobe Acrobat as a functioning PDF form that will calculate summary and overall ratings automatically. The form includes fields to capture employee data, and click-box ratings for each evaluative criteria which inform the overall rating calculation. Please note that Adobe Acrobat must be used to complete this form, NOT an internet browser.

Submission Process
  • Complete the submission form and attached the completed, signed, and scanned final evaluation form.  An individual submission is required for each evaluated employee.

  • Evaluation Submission Portal:https://lsuh.sc/performanceeval2022
Resources: Training Videos, Process Guide, and FAQs
    • VIDEO: 2022 Unclassified Evaluation Process Overview
      • Audience: Evaluators/Supervisors of Unclassified Staff
      • Duration: 1hr 17min
      • Content:  Process overview; Submission Process, Evaluative Criteria, Completing the Evaluation Form for Unclassified Staff.
      • Video Topic Timestamps:
        • 2022 Unclassified Evaluation 4-Step process (1min 45sec)
        • Download Adobe Acrobat (4min 15sec)
        • Opening  form in Adobe Acrobat (6min 25sec)
        • Completing the Evaluation Form (9min 35sec)
        • 2nd Level Reviewer Guidelines (16min 30sec)
        • FAQ Summary (33min 15sec)
        • Evaluation Form Criteria Summary (37min 50sec)
        • Employee Response / Appeal Process (1hr 06min 50sec)
    • VIDEO: 2022 Self-Evaluation Best Practices + Process Overview 
      • Audience: Unclassified Staff
      • Duration: 49min
      • Content:  Self-Evaluation Process; Evaluation Form Overview; Guidelines for creating objective well-written self-evaluations.
    • VIDEO:  2022 Evaluation Submission Process
      • Audience: Faculty & Unclassified Staff Supervisors/Evaluators.
      • Duration:  6min
      • Content: How to access and use the 2022 HRM Eval Submission Portal to submit completed/final Faculty & Staff evaluation files to HRM.




4-Step Unclassified Evaluation Process
  1. Download the Unclassified Evaluation Form.
    • Save form to your computer.  Open in Adobe Acrobat.
    • *Distribute to team if self-evaluations will be used.
      • Employees send their self-evaluation to their supervisor, not to HRM.
  2. Complete the evaluation form for each employee.
    • Select appropriate rating and document explanation.
    • Comments are required on any rating other than (3) “Meets Expectations.”
    • 2nd Level Reviewer signature is required if Overall Rating is “Outstanding” (4.50-5.00) or “Unsatisfactory” (1.00-1.49).
      • Default 2nd Level Reviewer is direct reporting manager of the evaluating supervisor.
  3. Hold the performance conversation and sign the form.
    • Print a copy and provide to the employee.
    • Hold discussion with employee, sharing your ratings and supporting observations.
    • Both Evaluator and Employee will sign the discussed form.
      • Signature does not indicate agreement on the rating, only that the discussion has been held to review the evlauation.
  4. Scan/Submit the completed evaluation form to HRM.
    • Scan the final completed/signed evaluation.
    • Submit the PDF scan to HRM via the HRM Eval Submission Portal.
      • Some departments may be collecting completed evlauations through their business manager. *Please comply with your department guidelines.*
    • Submission Portal Link: https://lsuh.sc/performanceeval2022
      • NOTE: Employees should not submit self-evaluations through the HRM Portal. Only completed and signed evaulations should be submitted by the reviewing supervisor or department designee.

Contact HRM Talent Development talentdevelopment@lsuhsc.edu with any questions or support Requests related to the 2022 Unclassified Performance Evaluation Process.