Human Resources

Job Postings

What is the requirement for placing a job posting on our Career Opportunities page?

Postings are required for all positions at 75% effort or more. For more information, please see PM-55.

How do I submit a job posting?

To place a posting, an approved PER-1 and/or Position Description must be on file for those positions that require the forms. Please click here to submit your posting for approval and placement. For detailed instructions on submitting a job posting, please click the link: job posting instructions.

Applicant Tracking Help

What are the deadlines for placing an ad with a news media source?

For vendors not listed in the table below, please contact HRM at or (504) 568-4834.

Advocate (New Orleans and/or Baton Rouge)

Lafayette Daily Advertiser

Chronicle of Higher Education

Weekend Ads - By Thursday at 2:00 P.M.

Weekday Ads - 2 Business Days prior to publish date

Print Ads (Friday only):

2 weeks prior to publish date

Helpful Tips for Placing Ads:

  • When placing ads with other vendors, the following tagline must be included in your ad 'LSU Health New Orleans is an Equal Opportunity Employer'.
  • When drafting an ad, please be aware of the following; font size, spacing, bold/italics, etc., which may add to your ad cost.
  • Should a department find any type of discrepancies regarding their ad, please call Human Resources as soon as possible. We will intercede in the matter and attempt to resolve the issue.