Human Resources

Other Benefits

LSU Health Sciences Center's employees can also enjoy other benefits as offered by the services located within the Health Sciences Center.  These benefits include the Credit Union, direct deposit, savings bonds and pre-tax parking offered through payroll, the Eye Center, Faculty Dental Practice, START, employee educational privileges, student travel accident insurance, and many other discounts.  For more information on any of these benefits, please click on the appropriate links.

Credit Union


Employees are eligible to participate in the Campus Federal Credit Union. Campus Federal is a full service credit union offering a wide range of services. Interested employees must set up their account through the credit union.

Direct Deposit

Participation in the Direct Deposit program is MANDATORY. All employees must complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form immediately upon hire. A voided check must accompany the Authorization form - deposit slips are not acceptable when setting up a checking account.

Please click on the mandatory direct deposit policy for more information. 

Pay Dates

Please click here for the Payroll webpage for the most accurate Pay Schedules

Educational Privileges

Full-time (100%) employees (including faculty), during their first year of employment and with approval from their supervisors, may register, at their own expense, for job-related coursework and be allowed to take the coursework during work time for no more than three clock hours per week.

(Please note that the provisions of this policy do not apply to specialized, self-supported educational programs such as the Executive MBA Program. Employees should consult with the Chief Academic Officer on the campus in which they wish to take the course to determine eligibility.)

Part-time employees are not eligible for the above educational benefits.

Professional staff/administrators who do not hold positions where there is a potential for conflict of interest will be permitted to pursue a doctorate; those in positions where a conflict of interest could exist will continue to be ineligible.

Members of the instructional, research, and extension staff on full-time regular academic appointment at the rank of Instructor (or equivalent) or above, and full-time unclassified administrative and professional employees, who have completed three (3) consecutive years of service, may petition for a leave of absence with part pay for not more than one (1) year of study which will culminate in the receipt of an advanced degree within 5 years.

Full-time academic employees at the rank of Instructor (or equivalent) or above, who have completed six (6) continuous years of service on the campus without having received leave with pay, may petition for sabbatical leave for study and research, the object of which is to enable them to increase their professional efficiency and usefulness to the University.

For more information, please see the LSU System's Permanent Memorandum #12, or click here - PM 12.

Faculty Dental Practice

Dental School faculty extend a 10% discount to all employees of the LSUHSC - New Orleans Campus.

Louisiana Student Tuition Assistance And Revenue Program

The START Program offers individuals the opportunity to establish Education Assistance Accounts (EAA) to which the state will apply an annual grant/contribution referred to as a Tuition Assistance Grant (TAG). Employees may participate through payroll deduction or via direct payment. Individuals interested in this program must contact the START Program office by calling (225) 922-1012 or 1-800-259-5626.

For more information, please click here.

Wellness Center

With state of the art equipment and a clean facility, the Wellness Center is available without cost or fees to faculty, students and staff. For more information, please visit the website at