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Administered by WebTPA and MedImpact


The LSU First Health Plan is a self-insured plan. WebTPA provides medical claim administration. They have a dedicated team of employees to answer calls and process claims. MedImpact is the Pharmacy Benefits Administrator. They provide customer service and administer the prescription drug programs such as Step Therapy, Prior Authorization and Drug Quantity Management.  MedImpact offfers mail order pharmacy that provides home delivery and specialty medication services. Verity HealthNet provides local network administration for the First Choice and Verity networks. Aetna Signature Administrators (ASA) is the nationwide network administrator and provides the web-based Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

  • Plan members receive a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) - these funds are used to cover allowable services. Unused dollars, up to a maximum, will roll over for future use. 
    • The HRA is not applied to pharmacy expenses.
  • For new enrollees, both the HRA and the deductible are prorated based on the remaining number of months in the plan year.
  • Plan members control which doctors they see.
    • Plan members have access to three networks within LSU First: First Choice Network (statewide), Verity HealthNet Network, (statewide), and Aetna ASA Network (nationwide).
    • The First Choice Network is covered at 100%, after the HRA is exhausted
    • The Verity and Aetna Networks are covered at 80%, after the HRA is exhausted and your deductible is met.
    • A current listing listing of network providers for the LSU First plan is accessible at any time on the LSU First website.
  • The fees below apply to all networks, including the First Choice network:

    • $150 Emergency Room co-pay, waived if admitted

    • $150 Penalty for MRIs and CT scans performed at a hospital facility (No penalty if performed at free-standing imaging center)

    • $300 Penalty for outpatient surgery performed at a hospital facility (No penalty if performed at ambulatory surgery center)

MedImpact Pharmacy Administration

MedImpact administers the pharmacy portion of the plan. Home delivery and specialty medications are provided. See links on the right for more details.

HighCare - Care Coordination

HighCare provides education and resources about various health conditions. 

Online Employee Assistance Program

LSU First Health Plan offers members the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Resource via the website. View more information and how to access the site.

Username: peaceofmind
Password: solutions

Need a replacement ID card?

To print a temporary LSU First health insurance card go to You will need to register for an account. Complete the required section with the member information to create an account. Then click on print/view temporary card.

 *Please verify the address shown on the online account is correct, including apartment numbers. If the address or any other information is incorrect, please contact our office for assistance. 

Need to file a claim?

At times you may have to pay out of pocket for medical services or prescriptions, particularly if you have received services from a non-network provider. In the event that you do pay out of pocket for services, you can be reimbursed for these services. You will need to complete and submit a claim form and a copy of the invoice to LSU First will then reimburse you according to the plan's guidelines.

Medical Claim Form

HIPAA Release Form

Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information: HIPAA Form - Authorizing the use and disclosure of protected health information to an individual other than member.


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