Key Changes for 2021

Premium rate increase effective 1/1/2021,

  • LSU First Health plan will be increased by 3%
  • BCBS plans will be increased by 5.5%
  • Vantage plan will have a 6% increase
  • United Healthcare LTD, Critical Illness, and stand alone AD&D Plans will see a premium decrease
  • Retiree plan for LSU First will also see a decrease in rates.

New Vendors

Effective January 1, 2021, Dental plans will be administered by Humana, there will be no change in premiums.  Check out the Dental plan site for more information about coverage options and providers. 

Also effective January 1, 2021, the Vision Plan will be administered by EyeMed, there are no changes in premiums but there is enhanced coverage.    Check out the Vision plan site for more information about coverage changes and providers. 

LSU First will have a new pharmacy provider.  No plan changes are anticipated.

Plan Changes

United Healthcare Voluntary Life

  • Employee maximum coverage will now be capped at the lesser of 3 times salary or $350,000 for the employee
  • Spouse coverage will be capped at the lesser of half the employees coverage or $100,000
  • The AD&D rider will be discontinued for 2021.  You may elect the stand alone AD&D plan
  • This will be an open enrollment for this life insurance plan, allowing you to enroll or increase coverage without providing evidence of insurability, provided you have not been previously denied by United Healthcare.

Healthcare Flexible Spending Account

  • Maximum contribution for 2021 will be $2,750, up $50 from 2020
  • Allowable expenses will include over the counter medications and feminine hygiene products


Active Employee Meetings will be held virtually. Active employees may review the enrollment guide online at the OGB website under the Resources tab.

Meetings for retirees will be held in person, but will be limited to 50 members per meeting. Tickets/Reservations will be required. This can be done through Eventbrite or through OGB customer service.

Payroll Changes & the Effect on Benefits and Taxes

In calendar year 2021 monthly employees will be paid the December paycheck on December 31, 2021.  Going forward, the December paycheck will continue to be paid in December of the current year instead of January of the subsequent year.

These changes may impact your benefit contributions for 2021 as follows:

• Flexible Spending Account (FSA) & Health Spending Account (HSA)

The FSA and HSA contributions will be based on 12 payroll deductions instead of 11, as is currently calculated and deducted.  Remember to take this into consideration as FSA and HSA contributions must be designated each year during open enrollment.

• 403(b) retirement plan contributions & 457deferred compensation retirement plan contributions

The 403(b) and 457 contributions will have 13 payments for calendar year 2021. (The December 2020 paycheck will be paid in January 2021 and you will also receive the December 2021 paycheck in 2021.)  You may make changes to these plans at any time.

• This may also have a potential tax impact in calendar year 2021, as you will receive 13 payroll checks.  Please reach out to your tax advisor if you have questions on how this may impact you.

• Monthly faculty and staff employees receiving paper checks will receive their December 2021 paycheck by mail (checks will be mailed to your current address on file with Human Resources).  Please be sure to update your address if needed with Human Resources.