Environmental Health & Safety

Personal Protective Equipment and Job Safety Analyses

Safety is Everyone's Business!

It is the responsibility of all LSUHSC-NO faculty, staff and students to follow all safety rules, policies and procedures.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

What's it all about?

What is PPE?

Types of PPE at LSUHSC-NO

Why Does LSUHSC-NO have a PPE program?

Important Questions about LSUHSC-NO's PPE Program

  1. Can I get in trouble for not wearing PPE as instructed by my Supervisor or Professor/Instructor? Yes. You can lose your job or be expelled from school.
  2. Who is required to participate in the PPE program? Anyone who works in a high risk area where personal protective equipment is required to participate.

Introduction to LSUHSC-NO's PPE Program


Environmental Health and Safety Department shall:

Supervisors/ Principal Investigators (PI) shall:

Faculty, Staff, Students, Visitors and Volunteers shall:

Implementation Requirements

There are two general methods for controlling exposure to hazardous substances:

  1. Engineering Controls-eliminate or reduce exposure to a chemical or physical hazard through the use or substitution of engineered machinery or equipment. Some examples include: self-capping syringe needles, ventilation systems such as fume hoods, sound dampening materials to reduce noise levels, safety interlocks, and radiation shielding.

    Note that the preferred method for reducing employee/student exposure at LSUHSC is the use of engineering controls and if these are not sufficient to minimize exposure, PPE will be used.

  2. Administrative Controls- (work practice controls) are changes in work procedures, such as written safety policies, rules, supervision schedules, and training, with the goal of reducing the duration, frequency, and severity of exposure to hazardous chemicals or situations.

LSUHSC-NO is required to Provide PPE when:

Who Pays for Protective Equipment?

Employee Training & Education

Retraining/Refresher Training is required when:

Employee/Student Training: Records Retention

Who is required to keep Training Records at LSUHSC-NO?

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

If it is Determined that PPE is Required for the Job after a JSA assessment, then the Supervisor/PI is required to:

Relevant Policies and Procedures

Personal Protective Equipment Policy.

Job Safety Analysis Policy.

Environmental Health and Safety Department's website.

Any Questions?

Contact the Environmental Health and Safety Department at:

Telephone: (504) 568-6585