Environmental Health and Safety

Incident and Accident Reporting and Investigation

Revised: November 9, 2017




An Incident is an unplanned or "near-miss" event that could have caused personal injury or property damage.

An Accident is an undesired event that results in personal injury or property damage. Even "minor" injuries (cuts or sprains) are considered accidents.

A Motor Vehicle Accident is any incident in which the vehicle comes into any contact with another vehicle, person, object, or animal that results in death, personal injury, or property damage, regardless of: who was injured, what was damaged or to what extent, where it occurred, or who was responsible.

General Reporting Guidance

Electronic Submission of Forms

The following steps describe how to access the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) web site so that you can submit the appropriate incident or accident report electronically.

Access the EHS website from the Health Sciences Center home page




Select Facilities


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Select Environmental Health and Safety


(Click or tap image for expanded view)

Select Incident and Accident Reporting
- On the Incident and Accident Reporting page, click on the desired form.

- Fill out forms completely, including the electronic signature as seen below.


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- Once finished, click on “Save & E-mail” icon at bottom of form.

- Then, you will be asked to save a copy of this file.

Save A Copy

- Next, your Adobe program may ask to continue or allow to send this e-mail. Select yes and an email will be generated.

Adobe Request

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- Select "Send" and your email will be sent to the proper individuals.


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Specific Reporting Requirements

The following steps provide information on reporting and submitting the incident and accident reports for:

Employee Reporting

Root Cause Analysis

Student Reporting

Visitor and Contractor Reporting

Reporting Vehicle Accidents


Getting Help

If you have any questions, please contact Environmental Health and Safety: