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Security Procedure Training for Authorized Irradiator Users

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Revised: February 23, 2017

This training provides information on Security Procedures for authorized users of irradiators per Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations 10 CFR Part 37. Training shall be provided at a frequency not to exceed 12 months and when significant changes have been made to this security procedure program. This training addresses:

Granting Access to the Irradiator Room

Types of Access

Only two types of user access are allowed into the secure irradiator room.

Application Steps for Access

Unescorted use

Escorted use

Security Oversight

Unescorted access:

Escorted access:

Irradiator Operating Procedures

Once in the irradiator room:

Renewal Requirements for Access

If you have questions or comments, please contact James J. Davis III, Radiation Safety Officer, at (504) 318-4952 or