Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Chancellor's Notes

March 3, 2006

Ronnie Smith reports major progress on the recovery effort on our campus this week. Based upon the State Fire Marshal's approval and the environmental clearances noted at the link below, the MEB and the Lion's/LSU Clinic Building will be reopened on Monday, March 6, 2006 with the limitations noted. Click here for full details.

Dr. Joseph Moerschbaecher reports that the LSU Board of Supervisors has approved temporary exceptions to Chapter 8, Section 2.7 of the Regulations of the Board of Supervisors and will provide those faculty who request it an additional year before the date of their mandatory review for promotion and tenure. Click this link to see the report of the LSU System Executive Staff on this matter. Click this link to access the form which must be used by faculty to request a delay in mandatory tenure review. After completing the form faculty members should submit the original to the Dean's Office who will then be responsible for countersigning the request and sending copies to the faculty member, Dr. Moerschbaechers office and HRM. It is the faculty member's responsibility to ensure that he or she receives a countersigned copy for his/her own file. 

Our medicine and nursing faculty, residents, and students have helped treat about 410 patients at the Carolinas MED-1 mobile hospital on our campus over the past week. The mobile hospital has been handling overflow patients from regional hospitals since before Mardi Gras. The hospital has been an invaluable medical asset for the New Orleans area and came at the request of the Department of Health and Human Services. Supported by LSU medical staff as well as the National Disaster Medical Service in addition to the nurses and Drs. Tom Blackwell and Lee Garvey from Carolinas MED-1, the hospital has provided valuable care at a most crucial time in the citys recovery. It will remain on our campus until March 8th, treating patients through March 7th.