LSU Health New Orleans is Louisiana's flagship and most comprehensive academic health sciences center, leading the way in education, patient care, research, and discovery. Knowledge generated by our faculty, staff, and students forms a strong foundation for both academic and economic progress. We are committed to enhancing economic development by actively linking with industry and entrepreneurs to advance the bio-innovation economy, and we invite internal and external stakeholders to engage with us to help build a healthier, stronger future!

Strategic Research Priorites

Our research expertise is focused in several strategic, cross-disciplinary areas which draw upon the comprehensive strengths of the entire campus. Collectively, these strategic areas not only capture many of the health challenges facing our State’s population but also represent terrific opportunities for advancing innovation that improves patients’ lives.

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In the course of basic research, innovations may arise which could become novel products. Our Office of Technology Management handles these innovations, protecting the intellectual property and seeking entrepreneurial partners to commercialize inventions which can enhance the economy and benefit the public.

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Centers of Excellence

Our eight designated Centers of Excellence have long histories of research success, leading the way in advancing the understanding of basic disease processes and developing novel therapies through ongoing collaborations.

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Clinical Trials & Translational Research

Clinical trials are organized research studies in which researchers study medical treatment of human volunteers. These trials help doctors find innovative solutions to challenging health problems. Visit the Stanley S. Scott Cancer web site using the link below to view a list of trials.

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Economic Development

We are committed to enhancing economic development by actively engaging industry and entrepreneurs to advance the bio-innovation economy in the City, State and Region by commercializing innovation, forming industrial research partnerships, connecting with the local community, and supporting new business development. Biomedical economic development thrives as a team sport, and our campus is an active participant in the game.

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