Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

From: Ronnie Smith, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
Subject: Hurricane Katrina Recovery – Update #40
Posted: April 13, 2007

The past two weeks have been busy. Progress continues to be made in completing the temporary repairs to both the Dental School (Clinic Building, Administration Building, and Power Plant) and to the Clinical Education Building (1542 Tulane Ave.) that are necessary to reoccupy the buildings. Several important contracts for the Dental School are about to go out on bid. The last few change orders needed at 1542 Tulane are being assessed by FEMA for eligibility at this time and we hope to see those approved in the near future.

The architects for the downtown campus have recently developed and presented a conceptual design for making permanent repairs to both the CSRB and the MEB along with a 406 Hazard Mitigation proposal. The plan proposes an addition to the CSRB that would house Animal Care functions from both the 1st floors of both the MEB and the CSRB on upper floors of the addition to prevent damage in a flood. Critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment serving the CSRB would be elevated with the new structure. Critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment serving the MEB would be elevated within the MEB. The CSRB addition would also consolidate and house the non-life/safety emergency generators that serve the MEB, CSRB, and Lion’s/LSU Clinic; creating an emergency operations center. Additional capacity for diesel fuel is also being planned. The concept will be refined and packaged for submission to the FEMA 406 Hazard Mitigation team in the near future.

The architects for the Dental School campus are working on their plans for permanent repairs and a 406 Hazard Mitigation proposal that will address the Clinic Building, the Administration Building and the Power Plant. The concept calls for the construction of an elevated addition to the Power Plant that would connect to the Clinic Building. The addition would house the critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment serving the buildings. The critical clinical functions previously located on the 1st floor of the Clinic Building would also be moved into the addition, as would key Animal Care functions. The engineering team is in the process of working out the complexities and insuring that the new structure contemplated will be able to accommodate all of the critical MEP. We are hopeful that the design concept can be completed within the next week. It will also be packaged and forwarded to the FEMA 406 Hazard Mitigation team.

The architects are working with FEMA to get the scope of the storm related damage to the roof of the MEB aligned, so that the permanent repairs to the roof can be bid. Documentation has been provided to FEMA, while the architects are working on the actual bid/construction documents. Plans are to initiate a similar process on the permanent repairs to the roof of the Nursing/Allied Health Building within the next few weeks.

Here are highlights of work that has been accomplished since our last update was posted two weeks ago.

Project to Make Temporary Repairs to the Dental School:

  • The contractor who was responsible for the removal of the old ceiling tile grid in both the Clinic and Administration buildings has completed the removal of the grid from all rooms and floors in both buildings.
  • The architects have completed the preparation of bid documents for the replacement of the ceiling tiles and grids on the upper floors of the Clinic and Administration buildings.
    • The Office of Facility Planning and Control has completed their review of the documents and provided the architects with their comments. They have also agreed to use an expedited bid process.
    • We anticipate that the bid will be advertised and bids issued sometime next week.
  • LSUHSC opened the bids for the mold remediation and duct cleaning. During the evaluation of the bids, some ambiguities regarding mandatory licenses were identified that have been deemed to warrant re-bidding the work with revised specifications.
    • The specifications have been revised and the advertisements will run over the weekend.
    • The bid period has been set for 10 days to minimize the delays in getting the work under contract and started.
  • The architects have completed the preparation of bid documents for the establishment of the Central Sterilization function on the 3rd floor of the Clinic Building.
    • The Office of Facility Planning and Control has completed their review of the documents and provided the architects with their comments.
    • We anticipate that the bid will be advertised and bids issued sometime next week.
    • This project will also be submitted to FEMA for consideration as a 406 Hazard Mitigation Project.
  • The elevator contractor has continued working on completing repairs to the elevators in both the Clinic and Administration buildings.
    • Additional repairs and adjustments were made to Elevator #3 in the Clinic Building on some of the upper floor levels.
    • The contractor received a large shipment of motors and equipment for the elevators in the Administration Building.
    • The contractor is working in the penthouse of the Administration Building installing the new motors.
      • They started running a 2" conduit to each motor for the passenger elevators in the Administration Building.
    • The contractor also began installing new floor tile in Elevator #3 in the Clinic building.
  • The carpet has been removed from Room 5312 in the Clinic Building. This is part of preparing the room to serve as the new point of connection for BellSouth’s fiber optic trunks and network connections that will service the Clinic and Administration buildings and the Power Plant.
    • The replacement telephone switch will also be located in this room.
  • LSUHSC Computer Services has begun a project to upgrade the network infrastructure in both the Clinic and Administration buildings. This is not storm-related, but completing the work before the School returns to the facilities will eliminate the disruption that would normally have occurred.
    • Computer Services did some spot checks on the power supply for the upgrades.
    • They are looking to identify a room to store 2700 ft of cable trays that are required for the upgrade/wiring project.
    • ADC Telecommunications placed some new network equipment on the 5th floor of the Clinic Building in Room 5312 and have begun the installation of the equipment. The installation of this equipment should be completed within a few more days.
  • Problems have developed with the #2 Chiller. When the chiller is turned on, it trips a breaker at the switch gear.
    • A representative from York was called to examine Chiller #2. It appeared that the chiller had a bad motor which will have to be replaced.
    • The contractor has removed the bad motor and prepared it for transport. A new motor will be shipped to the Dental School and installed.
  • Siemens began setting up the computer that operates the building control and monitoring system
    • They had to reload the program into one of the Energy Management System panels.
  • MCC began installing the Chemical Treatment System on the first floor of the Power Plant.
    • They have installed 1/2" copper lines on the system at the chill water supply lines.
  • LSUHSC Animal Care staff with the help from Facility Services personnel started removing the old equipment and cages that were stored next to the fence in the parking lot.
  • Cingular removed some towers from the outside wall of the penthouse. They had a contractor patch the holes that remained after the towers were removed.
  • Zimmer started the removal of the carpet on 2nd floor of the Administration Bldg.
  • Mathis Verges Architects surveyed the grounds again to assist in aligning the damage estimates with FEMA.
  • The project to make repairs to or replace selected doors that are required by the State Fire Marshal before the buildings can be reoccupied has recently begun.

Project to Make Temporary Repairs to 1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Ordes Electrical is continuing to install new 4" conduit to the vault to service the additional switch gear needed to power up the remaining portions of the building.
    • They are also installing another electrical panel in the basement.
  • Arc Mechanical started making repairs to the steam station in the basement.
    • Some of the replacement valves are not the same size as the old ones and some additional piping work is required.
    • They have been welding 2 inch pipe to valves, traps and strainers for the main steam station. They have also been welding in new gate valves and check valves.
    • They are installing a steam trap in the pipe chase.
    • The work on the condensate station should be finished by the close of business today if all goes well.
    • They anticipate completing their work on the main steam station, the 3 inch valves, traps and strainers in the pipe chase in approximately 4 weeks.
  • Stratos Elevators has been making repairs to the interior of the cab of Elevator #3.
    • They have removed and disposed of all of their old parts that were in the hall.
    • Stratos has ISE Electrical installing smoke alarms in the elevator shafts for Elevators #1, #2, and #3.
    • They currently estimate completion of the repairs to Elevator #3 within the next 4 weeks.
  • Ordes Electrical has been removing the old starters for Sump Pumps #1 and #2.
    • They have completed the removal and are installing the new controllers.
    • If the new controls work properly, it is possible that a test will soon be run on the pumps.
  • Mechanical Insulators has been on site insulating the domestic cold water pipes in the basement.

Elevator Interiors:

  • LSUHSC is undertaking some repairs and enhancements to the interiors of selected building elevators. This work is not generally storm related.
  • Schindler will begin working on the interior repairs of the “C” tower elevator in the Residence Hall. This work will take approximately 8 weeks.
  • They are also doing interior repairs to Elevator #3 in the Nursing/Allied Health Building while this particular elevator is down for mechanical repairs.

Irrigation Project:

  • LSUHSC has undertaken a project to enhance the irrigation systems that serve portions of the downtown campus.
  • New, separate water meters have been installed.
  • LSUHSC Facility Services personnel have been able to install a number of the sleeves that run under the sidewalks. 
    • A quote on installing the driveway sleeves will be in shortly.

We encourage you to follow the details of our progress through the daily updates which are posted on the web site.