Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

From: Ronnie Smith, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
Subject: Hurricane Katrina Recovery – Update #61
Posted: February 1, 2008

Our first major project for permanent repairs and mitigation is about to get underway. The contract for the Lions/LSU Clinic Building has been executed by Construction Masters, Inc. The Notice to Proceed has been issued with an effective date of February 11, 2008 and the pre-construction conference is scheduled for 2:00 PM on February 7, 2006. The scope of the contract includes re-building the Isadore Cohn Learning Center on the 6th Floor, relocating an existing research lab from the 6th Floor to the 7th Floor, moving the critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment to the 2nd Floor, and constructing an exterior stairwell on the front of the building to provide adequate egress from the new Learning Center. The 6th Floor lab will remain in operation until the replacement lab on the 7th Floor is ready for use. The contract will also restore the public areas of the 1st Floor and will use surfaces that will resist damage from flood waters. The building elevator pits will be protected. Repairs will also be made to the damage on the roof done by Katrina.

We are pleased with the progress being made in replacing the roof of the MEB and the roofs of the Dental School Clinic Building, Administration Building and the Power Plant. The majority of the demolition is complete on the MEB roof and the initial, temporary layers of roofing have been laid. The contractor has begun the installation of the light weight concrete in some areas. In spite of several days of rain, we have not seen any leaks resulting from the replacement work.

At the Dental School, the Clinic Building roof has been stripped and the first new layer of roofing has been installed. The workers are working on flashing the parapet walls and sealing all the roof penetrations. A second and final layer of roofing is to follow. Crews have already begun working on the roof of the Administration Building.

The execution of all nine contracts for the building demolitions on the back campus of the Dental School is nearing completion. Since the contracts were awarded to three separate contractors, extra effort is being made to orchestrate the work to limit the inconvenience to patients, faculty, students and staff as much as possible. We are expecting this work to start about mid-February and be complete (weather permitting) not later than early March.

FEMA continues their review and the preparations of the final recommendations on the two proposals to make permanent repairs and complete hazard mitigation work at the Resource Center and the Residence Hall. A few additional questions were raised recently and the architects were able to respond quickly. The FEMA Health & Research team is reviewing the latest data and we are hopeful that they can complete their recommended PW versions and Hazard Mitigation Proposals (HMPs) for these two buildings and move them into next level of FEMA review queues for approval and obligation. The downtown architects are working to complete the Construction Document submissions on these buildings so that when the PW’s and HMP’s are approved, the bid documents will be ready to be issued.

The design team working at the Dental School is planning to have their design concept for the permanent repairs and HMP submitted to us by late next week. While this work is being completed, we are working with the GOHSEP Hazard Mitigation specialist on a package of information to accompany the design concept when it goes to FEMA. We’re attempting to proactively answer the types of questions that we anticipate will be generated by this large and complex proposal in hopes that we might speed up the review process.

The schematic design package for the permanent repairs and hazard mitigation at 1542 Tulance Ave. has just been submitted by the architects. This submission is an expansion of the initial design concept and provides additional details to FEMA and GOHSEP. While the review of these documents is being completed, the architects will be working on the Design/Development submissions that will be used for the final review and approval of the project by FEMA.

The work at 1542 Tulane Ave. to prepare the front portion of the building to be re-occupied continues. Ducts have been cleaned and are now being sealed with an encapsulant that will help to minimize future mold growth and the spread of particulate matter. All of the building debris has been removed from the front and center sections of the building. The crews are now working in the rear (old) section of the building which will not be put back into use immediately. All of the damaged carpet has been removed and much of the floor tile is gone as well. The task of removing the vast amounts of peeling paint from ceilings and walls has been daunting. Every surface that has paint removed must also be floated, primed and re-painted to seal the walls and prevent any further peeling. However, the contractor is making good progress.

The use of 1542 Tulane Ave. has changed over the years and when we return people to the building it will function primarily as an office building. Old laboratory equipment, benches and case work have been removed. A modest number of new walls will be constructed in selected locations to enhance the functionality of the space so that faculty, residents and staff will enjoy the greatest possible benefits from this space.

Here are highlights of work that has been accomplished since our last update was posted two weeks ago.

Repair Work at 1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Fire Alarm System:
    • Siemens completed trouble-shooting the fire alarm system wiring on the 1st Floor and all the devises have been stabilized.
    • The contractor finished pulling the new fire alarm wires on the 6th and 7th Floors.
      • They currently trouble-shooting the wiring on both floors.
    • The contractor is now pulling new wires to the fire alarm devices on the 5th Floor.
    • New fire alarm devices have been installed in the elevator penthouse.
      • Siemens continues to test and stabilize the fire alarm wiring in the elevator penthouse.
    • They have stabilized the alarm devices for the dry-pipe sprinkler system on the 8th floor.
  • Elevator Repairs:
    • Elevator #1:
      • The rear door for Elevator #1 at the basement level has been installed.
      • Work is underway to install the new elevator cab.
    • Elevator #8:
      • Stratos Elevator is installing the safeties on Elevator #8.
      • The rope gripper has been installed.
  • Final Remediation and Duct Cleaning:
    • Duct Cleaning Status:
      • The HVAC ducts that were cleaned on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Floors have now been sealed.
      • Crews are now working on sealing the 4th Floor ducts.
    • Debris Removal:
      • Zimmer continued to remove debris on Floors 2 - 5 in the rear of the building (old section).
    • Final Remediation/Cleaning/Painting:
      • Zimmer finished cleaning in the corridors and rooms along Tulane Ave. and in the "A section (over parking garage)" on the 3rd Floor.
        • The contractor also finished cleaning in the main corridor on the 3rd floor.
        • Following the completion of the final cleaning and wipe down, the 3rd Floor passed the visual inspection and air samples were taken.
      • Zimmer finished cleaning on the 2nd Floor in the offices along the Tulane Ave. side of the building.
        • This area passed the visual inspection and was tested for lead.
        • The air samples for mold were taken.
      • Zimmer finished cleaning on the 2nd Floor in the offices along the central corridor.
        • This area also passed the visual inspection.
        • Air samples have been taken.
      • The painting contractor finished floating the walls on the 1st Floor in Suite 122.
        • The contractor finished priming the walls on the 1st Floor in Suites 123 and 122.
        • The finish costs of paint have been applied in Suite 123.
        • The contractor is applying the finish coats of paint on the 8th Floor.
        • The painting contractor has floated the walls on the 6th and 7th Floors.
          • The walls on the 5th Floor are currently being floated.
    • Floor Tile Removal:
      • Zimmer finished removing floor tile from the 5th Floor.
        • Tile was removed from the corridors and rooms along Tulane Avenue.
        • Tile was also removed from the center corridor.
        • Encapsulant was applied over the same areas.
        • The 5th Floor passed the visual inspection and samples have been taken.
      • Zimmer finished removing the floor tile from the 4th Floor in the center corridor.
        • The center corridor passed the visual inspection and samples were taken.
  • Network Closets:
    • Trison installed the plywood and the required electrical utilities for the 1st Floor network closet (126).
      • The contractor floated, sanded, primed and painted the walls for the network closets on the 1st and 4th Floors.
        • The walls of the 3rd Floor closet have been painted.
      • The electrical service and connections have been made to all the network closets.
      • The floor of the 1st, 3rd and 4th Floor closets have been prepped for the installation of new tile.
        • The new tile has been installed in all three closets.
      • The contractor is applying the primer and finish for the walls of the network closet on the 3rd Floor.
    • Boe-tel has finished pulling all new network cables throughout the 7th Floor.
      • Work has begun on the terminations of the new cable and is nearing completion.
      • The contractor is removing the old data drops on the 5th and 6th Floors.
  • ATT/Bell has workers on site relocating the telephone demark for the building to the 2nd Floor in Room 243, where it will be protected from future flooding.

Repair Work at the Dental School:

  • Roof Replacement:
    • The roofing contractor has finished removing all of the old roofing material from the top of the Clinic Building.
      • Well over 120 squares (one square = 100 square feet) of roofing material was removed.
      • All of the debris has been removed from the roof into the dumpster on the ground level.
    • They applied the adhesive and new insulation, decking material, and the 1st ply of the new roofing material over each area as the old roof was removed.  
    • The installation of the new flashing and sealing around the various roof penetrations is substantially complete.
    • The crews have started removing the old roofing material from the Administration Building.  
      • The first ply of the new roof is being installed over the sections where the old roof has been removed.
  • Temporary Bookstore:
    • All of the new walls have been framed up and dry walled.
      • The walls have been taped and floated.
      • The walls have been primed.
      • The interior walls are being painted.
    • The duct board and flex duct for the supply air and return air has been installed.
      • This ducting serves the temporary bookstore and the existing adjacent rooms.
    • The rough in electrical for the new lights, outlets and switches has been completed.
    • The ceiling tile, the carpet, and wall base has been installed in the hall on the exterior of the temporary bookstore. 
  • Elevator Repairs:
    • Elevator #3:
      • Schindler worked on the cab finishes and ran the electrical wires for the lights in the elevator car.
      • The car top has been painted.
      • The lanterns (Up and Down Arrows) are being repaired.
      • The new wall panels, ceilings and lights have been installed in the elevator cab.
    • Elevator #4:
      • Schindler worked on the cab finishes and ran the electrical wires for the lights in the elevator car.
      • The car top has been painted.
      • The lanterns (Up and Down Arrows) are being repaired.
      • The new wall panels, ceilings and lights have been installed in the elevator cab.
    • Elevator #8:
      • The front and rear of the cab has been installed.
      • The new door tracks are being installed.
      • Work on the rear doors is in process.
      • Work is also proceeding on the equipment mounted on the car top.
  • Security:
    • Securitas ran coax cables for the intercom system to the front desk located in the Clinic Building, 1st Floor lobby.
    • Securitas installed new security cameras on the Administration Building facing the Power Plant and the parking lots in the rear of the property.
      • They are working on the installation of the cameras for the Clinic Building. 
      • The conduit and wiring have been run and the posts where the cameras will be mounted are set.
  • Misc.
    • Trison Constructors completed the demolition of the existing oven duct work that had run on the 1st Floor and through the basement.
      • They have completed the majority of the installation of the new ducts in the basement and on the 1st Floor. 
      • They are waiting for the new fire dampers and the fan to arrive to complete the work.
    • Pflueger Electric supplied power to the parking gate on the east side of the Dog Kennel.

Exterior Lighting Project:

  • Ordes finished installing the new exterior lights on the Allied Health/Nursing Building. 
  • The plaster repairs around the twelve new can lights that were installed at the MEB have been started and are nearing completion.
    • Multiple layers are required.
    • Rain has interrupted and delayed the completion of repairs.
  • Additional light poles are being installed in locations around the 440 Perdido Lot, Student Lot 1, and Residence Hall Lot. 
    • The existing pavement has been cut out and removed from the light pole locations.
    • Holes are being dug with a large augur for the concrete footings that will support each pole.

MEB Roof Replacement:

  • The contractor continued to demo the lightweight ballast on the South Roman side of the MEB.
    • The contractor is working on the last section of the roof on this side of the building.
  • All of the existing debris from the demolition has been moved to the dumpster on the ground level.
  • The contractor has started pouring the lightweight concrete on the penthouses and on the Bolivar street side of the MEB.

Landscaping Project:

  • Crews trenched, installed pipe and sprinklers and backfilled a complete irrigation station on the Perdido St. side of the MEB at the corner of S. Roman St.
  • Crews moved the backflow preventer (for the water supply for irrigation in the Parking Lot 2 pocket park) inside the parking lot fence.
  • They started trenching for the irrigation pipe in the small park area in the corner of the lot.

Downtown Campus – 1st Floors:

  • The State Fire Marshal has required that we take measures on the unoccupied 1st Floors and basements of the buildings on the downtown campus. This work will insure that the existing sprinkler systems will function properly while we wait for the permanent repairs to be designed, bid, contracted and completed.
  • In the majority of the buildings, the most cost effective method of accomplishing this goal is to re-install ceiling tiles into the existing ceiling grid on the 1st Floor.
  • A contract has been issued for the work.
    • All of the temporary ceiling tiles are on site and have been moved to the designated buildings.
    • Trison has finished installing ceiling tiles inside the 1st Floor lobby of the MEB.
    • Crews have moved on to begin the work at the CSRB and the Residence Hall.

We encourage you to follow the details of our progress through the daily updates which are posted on the web site.