Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

From: Ronnie Smith, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
Subject: Hurricane Katrina Recovery – Update #74
Posted: August 1, 2008

The busy summer construction schedule continues around campus. The project that is rebuilding the Cohn Learning Center on the 6th Floor of the Lions/LSU Clinic and that raises the critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to the 2nd floor is moving forward. The construction of the new exterior stairwell is well underway. Selected windows have been removed and temporary construction walls have been built. Many of the new interior walls on the 6th Floor have been framed and dry walled as the rough-in electrical work in the walls is being completed. The installation of the new sprinkler pipe above the 6th Floor ceiling and the floor drains, waste pipe and conduit above the 5th Floor ceiling is progressing. The preparations for elevating the critical MEP to the 2nd Floor space are proceeding well. The two elevators that were taken out of service to allow the elevator pit to be waterproofed are expected to be returned to service shortly.

Two new projects are about to get underway. The first will make major renovations to research laboratory space located on the 6th and 8th Floors of the Dental Clinic Building. This project was in the planning stages prior to Hurricane Katrina and has been re-started. The second is a project to renovate the two smaller auditoriums located at the Dental School. Both projects have the Notices to Proceed issued with August 4, 2008 effective dates.

There is a flurry of activity at 1542 Tulane Ave. as the critical preparations to allow re-occupancy of significant portions of the building are nearing completion. A great deal of work has been needed to repair the old fan coil units and prepare them for normal operation. The painting work around the building is being concluded. The new lounge areas still require significant work before they will be completed, but the installation of new fan coil units and the related plumbing is progressing. Several other small repair projects have been completed, while others are in progress.

There are three ongoing projects in selected areas of the Medical Education Buildings. The renovations to the 2nd Floor elevator lobby have progressed and the preparation of the old concrete sub-floor is the current focus of the contractor. The demolition within MDL #5 has been completed, steel supports for the new partitions have been installed, and the rough-in plumbing for the medical air, gas, and vacuum has been started. On the 4th Floor, the floor in the student lounge area has been prepared and new carpet installed. The fur downs in that area have been framed up and significant portions of the new ceiling grid have been installed in the 4th Floor corridors.

In the Library, the HVAC ducts have been installed and elevated to the highest position possible to provide clearance for the ceiling. Several of the interior walls have been framed up, and the LSUHSC Facility Services electricians continue their work on the electrical rough-in and network cable is being re-routed. Coring of the slab to provide services to the Coffee Kiosk has been completed and the fur down over the Kiosk is being framed.

The perimeter fencing project for the downtown campus is moving forward. The concrete base for the decorative fencing has been poured. New conduit and wiring to provide power and communications with the parking lot access control devices has been run. The installation of the decorative fencing is well underway. We have also been receiving and installing new building trash compactors that replace the old devices that were damaged by the flood waters.

The duct cleaning work in the CSRB has been completed and the contractor is wrapping up their punch list items. The resurfacing of the elevated walkway that connects the MEB and the Residence Hall continues and the new overlay material is being applied. The contractor responsible for the expansion of the Residence Hall lobby area has begun the work on the exterior of the building. The new air handling unit on the mezzanine has been installed, the duct work completed and the mechanical room construction is complete.

The access control devices have been installed on the new storefront located at the Derbigny St. entrance to the Walk to Wellness. Cable is being pulled to connect the access control devices to the system. The roofing contractor at the Dental School is completing the few remaining contract items. Nuclear moisture testing of the new roofs has been completed and we are awaiting test results. If the testing reveals moisture under the new roof system, additional roof work will be required.

Here are highlights of work that has been accomplished since our last update was posted two weeks ago.

Lions/LSU Clinic Permanent Repairs and Mitigation:

  • The fire-proof sleeve was installed between the Entergy vault and the switchgear room for service to new switchgear on the 2nd Floor.
  • The concrete for the foundation of the new exterior stairwell has been poured.
  • The contractor has begun removing walls on Floors 2 through 4; preparing for the installation of steel beams for new exterior stairwell.
  • The installation of drywall continues on the 6th Floor and is nearing completion.
  • The contractor is piping in the VAVs on 6th Floor.
  • The old storm drain has been removed from the 6th Floor to make room for new construction.
  • Electricians are connecting the AHU on the 1st Floor.
  • CMU walls are being installed in the mechanical room located on the Bolivar St. side of the 1st Floor.
  • Sprinkler pipe is being installed on the 6th Floor.
  • Crews are working in the ceiling of the 5th Floor to install the floor drains and waste lines for the new 6th Floor bathrooms on the S. Prieur St. side of the building.
  • Electricians are roughing in electrical service for the new CMU walls on the 1st Floor.
  • They are roughing in the electrical for the Stryker equipment on 6th Floor.
    • Electricians are running conduit in the 5th Floor ceiling for the new Stryker equipment that will be installed in the new Learning Center.
  • Crews are installing temporary walls on the 5th Floor in preparation for construction of the new exterior stairwell.
    • Windows have been removed from the exterior wall on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Floors.
  • Electricians are running the wire tray on 1st Floor for the main wires to the new switchgear on the 2nd Floor.
  • Waterproofing has been applied to the walls of the elevator pits.
    • The contractor is reconnecting the elevators that have been out of service to allow for the dry flood proofing of the elevator pit.

Dental School Laboratory Renovations:

  • The contract to renovate laboratories located on the 6th and 8th Floors of the Clinic Building has been bid and awarded to Benetech-Franks.
  • The Notice To Proceed has been issued for August 4, 2008.

Dental School Auditoriums A & B:

  • The contract to renovate the two smaller auditoriums (A & B) at the Dental School has been bid and awarded to CS & Associates.
  • The pre-construction meeting has been held.
  • The Notice To Proceed has been issued for August 4, 2008.

Repair Work at 1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Elevator Repairs:
    • Stratos Elevator continues replacing the hoist cables for Elevator #7
    • The repair the work on Elevator #4 is progressing.
  • Ceiling Lights:
    • The lighting contractor completed installing light fixtures in the center hallways on the 1st Floor and on Floors 5 through 8.
    • Their crew has started installing light fixtures in the department head offices on the 6th and 7th Floors.
    • The lighting contractor is installing exit lights in the hallways.
  • Lounge Areas:
    • The mechanical contractor is installing fan coil units in the lounges on Floors 5, 6 and 7.
    • The mechanical contractor is installing piping in the new lounge areas.
  • Misc.:
    • The general contractor continued installing suspended ceilings in several offices, patching and painting offices and working on punch list items.
      • The contractor completed installing suspended ceilings in all department head offices on Floors 4 through 8.
    • Plumbers are capping piping and installing segregation/shut off valves.
    • The resurfacing of the front steps has been completed by the sandblasting contractor.
    • The sprinkler contractor repaired the dry pipe system on the 8th Floor and returned it to service.
    • Portable temporary air conditioning units are being installed in the rear elevator lobbies.
    • Electrical and mechanical contractors are servicing the existing fan coil units in offices throughout the building.
    • The contractor removed the old windows from the front light well in the old cafeteria and began work to seal up the opening.
    • Crews made repairs to the sidewalks and cleaned the area around the rear of building.
    • The installation of the interior signs on Floors 5 through 8 has been completed.
    • LSUHSC Facility Services personnel continue installing new fan coil units, removing old FCUs, installing air conditioning in the rear lobbies, and installing locksets on the 1st Floor.
    • The new water softener system has been installed and started up.

Walk To Wellness Storefronts:

  • The access control contractor installed the new access control equipment on the storefront doors that have been installed at the Derbigny St. Parking Lot entrance to the elevated walkway.
  • The access control contractor is pulling wire to the new storefront doors installed at the Derbigny St. entrance.

Repair Work at the Dental School:

  • Permanent Roof Repairs:
    • Infrared Analyzers, Inc. performed moisture tests on the roof of the Administration, Clinic, and Power Plant Buildings.
      • The test results are pending.
    • Needham Roofing has cored the corners of the roofs of the Clinic and Administration Buildings the holes for the conduit on the Clinic Building roof.
      • The conduit has been installed and caps applied to seal the conduit.
    • Needham repaired and welded the maintenance access ladder on the Administration Building roof.
    • The roofing contractor is installing additional flashing and weather-proofing on the parapet walls of the Clinic Building.
    • Crews are repairing caulk joints and installing weather-sealing membrane around the perimeter exhaust stacks.
    • The roofing contractor un-clogged the roof drains.
    • The roofing contractor is caulking windows on the 5th Floor balcony.
  • Elevator #1 in the Clinic Building was carpeted and returned to service.
  • The honing of the terrazzo floors has been completed on all floors in both buildings.
    • The contractor is completing the touch-up work.
  • The contractor finished removing the abandoned steam lines from the Power Plant roof and is installing cover boxes.

Library Commons Project:

  • The work on constructing the bulk head that runs the length of the Commons area continued.
  • LSUHSC Facility Services electricians continued the electrical rough-in work.
  • The contractor completed sonar tests to verify the core drill locations.
  • The contractor cored the holes for the plumbing and electrical work to support the Coffee Kiosk and the Commons area.
  • Crews completed installing sheetrock at the header of the exterior walls and completed approximately three quarters of the wall framing.
  • The contractor installed new duct work from the Commons Area to the existing Library HVAC system and completed raising the ducts to their maximum heights.
  • Auxiliary Enterprises continues to run network cables to the rear of the Library from the electrical closet in the Commons area.
  • The portion of the Library ceiling that was removed for the installation of duct work has been re-installed.
  • The contractor started framing the fur down ceiling over the Coffee Kiosk.

MEB 2nd Floor Lobby Renovation:

  • The contractor is grinding the concrete sub-floor to prepare for the installation of the new flooring.
    • The old underlayment is being removed.

Residence Hall 2nd Floor Expansion:

  • MCC completed the installation of the ductwork for the AHU on the mezzanine level.
  • The contractor completed the ductwork insulation for new AHU on the mezzanine level
  • The contractor completed framing and hung dry wall for the new mechanical room.
    • The drywall has been floated and painted and the door installed.
  • The contractor cut an opening on the exterior façade of the lobby to allow for field verification and field dimensioning related to the installation of the new steel.
  • The contractor removed the existing exterior metal wall panel to allow for the tie-in of the steel structure for the roof.

MEB 4th Floor - MDL #5 Renovations:

  • The contractor completed modifications to the steel support for the new partition track.
  • Plumbing demolition has been completed in the main room.
  • The contractor began running new plumbing (gas, air, & vacuum) for the new casework.
  • The contractor installed the steel support in Room 4123A for the partition storage area.
  • The contractor completed framing the partition for the track.
  • The contractor completed installing gypsum board for sound insulation.
  • The crew began installing the track for the partition wall.

Downtown Perimeter Fence Project:

  • The contractor completed forming blocks and installing rebar for the bases of the decorative fencing at Student Lots #2 and #3.
  • New conduit was installed and electrical lines run to the parking lot gate controllers for Student Lots #2 and #3.
  • The contractor completed pouring concrete around the perimeter of Student Lots #2 and #3.
  • The new monument fences are being installed on the Poydras and Perdido sides of both Student Parking Lots.

Duct Cleaning Project:

  • Crews completed cleaning the ducts on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Floors of the CSRB.
    • The work in the CSRB is substantially complete.

MEB 4th Floor Ceiling Replacement:

  • The contractor completed framing for the tray ceiling at the student lounge area on the Roman St. side of the building.
  • The flooring was leveled in the former locker area and prepared for the installation of carpeting.
  • The crew completed repairing the concrete sub-floor and installed the new carpet in the former blue locker area.
  • The contractor continues installing wall angle for the new ceiling grid in the corridors on the loading dock side of the building.

Residence Hall Walkway Resurfacing:

  • The contractor filled the center drains and leveled the area in preparation to receive the material needed to slope the surface.
  • The contractor has started applying the overlayment.

Roman St. Garage:

  • The contractor is applying sealant to the newly painted 7th Floor.
  • The old groundskeepers’ office on the first floor was demolished.
  • The contractor completed rerouting the new fire alarm wires and removed the old wires.

Building Trash Compactors: All of the existing building trash compactors were seriously damaged by the post-Katrina flood waters.

  • New trash compactors were specified, bid and ordered.
  • The old trash compactors have been removed from behind all the buildings.
  • Preparations for the delivery and installation of the new compactors are well underway.
    • The trash compactor for the CSRB was delivered and installed.
    • The trash compactor for the Resource Center was delivered and installed.
    • The Sister Stanislaus Memorial Hall trash compactor was delivered and installed.
    • The trash compactor for the Lions/LSU Clinic Building was delivered.

We encourage you to follow the details of our progress through the daily updates which are posted on the web site.