Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

From: Ronnie Smith, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
Subject: Hurricane Katrina Recovery – Update #84
Posted: January 16, 2009

The holidays are behind us and work on the various projects around campus has returned to a more normal schedule. Some of the contractors worked during the holidays and this update reflects their accomplishments during that period.

Faculty and staff are settling into their offices on the upper floors of the Clinical Education Building as work continues on preparing the lower floors for use. New ceiling light fixtures have been installed in the 2nd Floor hallway. The 4th Floor lounge received a refrigerator, sink and ice machine in the kitchenette space and new cabinetry has been installed. Offices and hallways are being painted and/or touched up on the 4th Floor. On the 5th Floor, new conference room furniture was installed and cabinets installed in the lounge.

Work on the renovations to the auditoriums in the Dental School Clinic Building continues. The newly poured concrete risers have had a layer of thin set applied and have been ground down in preparation for the installation of carpeting. The room that will house the new audio/visual equipment has been framed up and the speaker housings in both rooms have been dry walled, taped and floated. Electrical work includes the installation of additional down lights, the installation of trim rings on the fixtures, and new dimmer controls.

The lab renovations on the 6th and 8th Floors of the Clinic Building are progressing. Door frames have been installed in new walls. Exterior walls are being insulated and sheet rocked. The new walls in most of the rooms have been taped and floated and are being prepared for primer and paint. The fume hood exhaust duct was installed in Room 8405B.

The branch duct work has been installed throughout the Library Commons area. HVAC diffusers have been installed and adjusted along the window walls and in the café and study areas. Floor tiles have been installed and grouted on the floors in front of the elevators and on the frieze wall. The bar top framing has been completed in the café area. New dry wall has been taped and floated. The installation of the custom wood column covers continues.

The electricians working at the Lions/LSU Clinic continue to switch major electrical feeds over from the old switch gear on the 1st Floor to the new gear located on the 2nd Floor. They have also been busy running conduit and installing fixtures, switches and outlets on the 6th Floor in the old laboratory area. New fixtures have been installed in the large Lecture Room.

The mechanical contractor continues to run and insulate supply lines that connect to the new VAVs located on the 6th Floor. Chilled water lines have been run to the AHU on the 1st Floor. Old storm drain has been removed from above the ceiling in locations on the 6th Floor where they interfered with the routing of new infrastructure components. New storm drains were installed in the stairwell on the 5th and 6th Floors. The general contractor has crews working through out the 1st, 2nd, and 6th Floors completing a variety of work.

Renovations to Multidisciplinary Lab 6 are well underway. Rough in plumbing for the new casework has been completed. The structural support for the folding partitions has been installed and the steel support for the partition track has been raised. Ceiling grid has been installed in the main MDL and the corner rooms. Sprinkler heads have been put in place. Light fixtures are being installed and connected. Supply and return air grills are being installed.

The sprinkler pipe has been installed throughout the MEB 2nd Floor lobby. The floor has been prepared and the floor tile and carpet has been installed. Tile base was also installed. Demolition in the Pharmacology labs has been completed. New walls have been framed up in the laboratory area and walls are being erected in the administrative area. The electricians have begun to run conduit in the lab area. Across the street, new class is being installed on the new storefront at the Residence Hall lobby. The contractor has framed up the various fur downs in the lobby area around the new HVAC diffusers.

Here are highlights of work that has been accomplished across the holiday period and during the past two weeks.

Repair Work at 1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Lighting:
    • The electrical contractor installed new light fixtures in the 2nd Floor hallway.
  • Lounge Areas:
    • Facility Services installed the sink, refrigerator and the ice machine in the 4th Floor lounge kitchenette.
  • Furniture:
    • The furniture vendor installed new cabinets in the 5th Floor lounge and set-up conference room furniture in Rooms 524 and 544.
    • They set up furniture in Conference Room 639 and installed the new cabinetry in the 4th Floor lounge.
  • Misc.:
    • The granite contractor repaired walls in the center hallway on the 1st Floor.
    • The general contractor sanded and primed in Room 545.
    • The general contractor framed new walls and installed drywall in Room 443.
    • The painting contractor painted the front stairwell on the Claiborne Avenue end of the front hallway.
    • The terrazzo contractor made repairs to the cove base in the front hallways on the 4th through the 7th Floors.
    • LSUHSC Facility Services replaced two fan coil units in Rooms 516 and 517.
    • Facility Services removed the old striping in the Lakeside Lot
    • A leaking fan coil unit supply line was repaired in Room 417.
    • Facility Services painted offices and hallways on the 4th Floor and moved building supplies from Rooms 111, 111A and 111B to Room 313.

Dental School Auditoriums A & B:

  • The contractor spread and leveled thin set on the floors in preparation for the carpet installation.
  • The general contractor installed the door frame for the new A/V Room 4202.
  • The flooring contractor ground the floors for the riser seating in Auditoriums A and B.
  • The contractor installed metal framing for the audiovisual room.  
  • The general contractor installed sheetrock for the speaker housings in Auditoriums A and B.
    • They taped and floated sheetrock speaker housings in Auditoriums A and B.
  • The mechanical contractor installed additional insulation on the ductwork of the AHUs in the mechanical rooms.
  • The electrical contractor mounted the dimmer control box in the electrical room.
  • The electrical contractor installed the down lights in Auditorium A and B.
  • The electrical contractor installed trim rings for the recessed can light fixtures in Auditoriums A and B.

Dental School 6th and 8th Floor Lab Renovations:

  • The general contractor completed installation of door frames and installed insulation along the exterior wall in Room 6335 (Moss Street wall).
  • The contractor installed wood blocking along the Castine Street Side, in Room 6335.
  • The mechanical contractor installed a fume hood exhaust duct in Room 8405B.
  • The mechanical contractor installed the supply duct outlet taps for the ductwork in 8405B.
  • The contractor installed sheetrock on the southwest walls. 
  • The contractor removed drain pipe thimbles from the floor in Room 6335.
  • The electrical contractor installed new outlet box rings for data duplex receptacles, and light switches in Rooms 6333 and 6335.
  • The contractor finished installing sheetrock around doorways and service utilities in Room 8405A, 8405D, 8405E, 8405F, 8405G and 8405J.
  • The contractor taped and floated the walls in Rooms 6333, 6335, and 8405.
  • The contractor sanded and placed the second skim coat on the walls in 6333, 6335, and Suite 8405.

Library Commons Project:

  • The contractor began installing wood panels on the feature wall near the entrance.
  • They installed wood ceiling panels and installed the bar tabletop framing in the cafe area.
  • Crews continued installing the custom column covers.
  • The contractor grouted wall tiles on the frieze wall and installed floor tiles near the Library entrance. 
  • The contractor installed HVAC diffusers near the window walls and adjusted HVAC diffusers in the cafe and study area.
  • The contractor installed sprinkler heads in the café area.
  • The mechanical contractor completed all branch duct work. 
  • The contractor installed metal base around the columns.
  • LSUHSC electricians installed light fixtures in the coffee kiosk.
  • The contractor taped and floated the walls in the Library Commons and installed a doorframe in the small multi media room.

Lions/LSU Clinic Permanent Repairs and Mitigation:

  • The mechanical subcontractor installed chill water lines connecting to the AHU on the Bolivar St. side of the 6th Floor.
    • Chilled water lines were run to the AHU on the 1st Floor, Bolivar St. side.
    • The mechanical subcontractor set plumbing fixtures on the CSRB side of the 6th Floor.
    • They demolished old storm drain that was run above the ceiling on the 6th Floor, Gravier/Bolivar St. side and new storm drain pipe was installed in the new stairwell from Floors 5 and 6.
    • The mechanical subcontractor installed heating hot water lines and supply ducts to the new VAVs on the 6th Floor, Bolivar Street side.
    • They caulked the 6th Floor, S. Prieur Street restroom fixtures.
    • Additional supply duct was installed and insulated on the Bolivar St. side of the 6th Floor.
    • The mechanical subcontractor began installing control wire to the VAV boxes on the CSRB side of the 6th Floor.
    • They installed medical gas outlet boxes in the simulation rooms and insulated heating hot and chilled water lines on the Bolivar St. side of the 1st Floor.
  • The electrical contractor completed the transfer of the 2 existing A/C risers from the old to the new switchgear.
    • Electricians installed wire for outlets and lights on the 6th Floor, Gravier/Bolivar side.
    • They lifted the new emergency generator onto the roof of the building.
    • The electrical subcontractor installed Panel LA6A on the 6th Floor.
    • They ran conduit for lights on the 6th Floor, Gravier/Bolivar St. side.
    • The electricians wired Panel 2AC to the switchgear on the 2nd Floor, wired the switchgear to Panel 2AC2A, and installed the emergency junction box on top of the switchgear.
    • The electrical subcontractor installed lights in the 6th Floor large lecture room
    • They continued installing outlets and switches on the Gravier St./Bolivar St. side of the 6th Floor and roughing in electrical conduit in the old laboratory space.
    • The electrical subcontractor installed the buss duct tap box for the B riser.
  • The general contractor installed additional sheetrock in the new mechanical/electrical room on the 2nd Floor.
    • Crews installed granite panels near the 1st Floor elevators.
    • They began framing the walls in the old lab space on the 6th Floor.
    • New ceiling grid was installed in the 6th Floor hallway on the CSRB side of the building.
    • The walls on the 2nd Floor were fire-caulked.
    • The contractor taped and floated sheetrock and installed corner bead on the 6th Floor.
    • Projection mount poles were installed on the 6th Floor.
    • Crews installed studs and sheetrock on the 2nd Floor by the new stairwell on the Gravier St. side.
    • Crews plastered the 1st Floor CMU wall on the S. Prieur Street side and installed wall tile in the restrooms on the 1st Floor, S. Prieur Street side.
    • The contractor installed studs on the 6th Floor on the Bolivar Street side/
    • They framed the vanities in the restrooms, installed fire extinguisher cabinets on the 6th Floor.
    • The contractor cut sink holes in the bathroom vanities on the 6th Floor, painted in 6th Floor simulation rooms, and installed ceiling grid and ceiling wire on 6th Floor.
    • Crews plastered above the doorframe on the 1st Floor, Gravier/Bolivar St. side.
    • Crews caulked between the granite seams on the 1st Floor, Bolivar St. side, fire caulked CMU walls on the 1st Floor and continued fireproofing the beams on the 1st – 6th Floors of the new stairwell. 
    • The contractor continued framing the soffit on the 6th Floor Bolivar St. side.
    • Crews installed ceiling tiles in 6th Floor simulation rooms, in the middle hallways on the 6th Floor and on the 2nd Floor, CSRB side.
  • The sprinkler subcontractor installed sprinkler heads on the Gravier St. side of the 6th Floor.
    • The sprinkler subcontractor installed sprinkler heads in the 6th Floor simulation rooms.
    • They installed sprinkler heads in the middle of the 6th Floor and tied in pipe from the pump to stairwell riser on the 2nd Floor.


  • Floor tiles were removed from Rooms 4114A and 4121A.
  • The contractor completed installation of the structural support for the folding partitions.
  • The plumbing for the new casework was roughed in.
  • They raised the steel support for the new partition track in the MDL room.
  • The contractor completed installing ceiling grid in the main MDL room and in three of the corner rooms.
  • The ceiling light fixtures were installed.
  • The contractor wired light fixtures in the main MDL room.
  • They began relocating sprinkler heads in the main MDL room.
  • The contractor is installing supply and return grills in the main MDL room.

MEB 2nd Floor Lobby Renovation:

  • The sprinkler contractor completed installation of the new sprinkler piping.
  • The flooring contractor prepped the floor for tile installation.
  • The new floor tile and tile base was installed.
  • The new carpet was installed.

Residence Hall 2nd Floor Expansion:

  • The contractor began installing the new glass on the Perdido and Bolivar sides of the lobby.
    • They installed the remaining tinted glass on the Perdido Street side.
    • The spandrel glass on Perdido Street side has been installed.
  • The break metal for the diffuser and flex duct was installed between Towers A and B.
  • The vertical mullions were installed in front of the temporary wall.
  • The contractor painted the plywood for the temporary wall.
  • Stud frames were constructed for the fur-down along the diffusers in the lobby between Tower A & B.
  • The contractor installed exterior mullion trim and flashing on the roof.
  • A crew installed sheetrock for the soffit along the Perdido Street side of the A & B Towers.
  • The contractor installed the stud frame for the soffit on the corner of S. Roman St. and Perdido St.


  • The contractor removed the interior walls in the administrative area and in the laboratory area.
  • The electrical subcontractor removed the lights from the administrative area and the laboratory area.
  • The old ceilings have been removed.
  • The electrical subcontractor completed demolition. 
  • The general contractor framed walls inside the laboratory area. 
  • They continue to frame walls in the administrative area.
  • The electrical contractor continues to run conduit in the laboratory area.


  • Facility Services graded the landscaping in front of the Resource Center and planted new shrubs.
  • Facility Services installed landscape edging and mulched the planting beds in front of the Resource Center.
  • Brick pavers have been installed for the new sidewalk along Gravier St. adjacent to the Gravier Garage.
  • Sprinkler piping and edging have been installed in the lot at the corner of S. Claiborne Ave. and Gravier St.
  • Facility Services mulched and cleaned the planting beds in front of the Allied Health/Nursing Building.
  • Facility Services installed irrigation piping and sprinklers beside the Resource Center.

We encourage you to follow the details of our progress through the daily updates which are posted on the web site.