Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

  • Copies of the environmental assessments completed by AEC were delivered to the Office of Facility Planning today.
  • The contractors began work today in the Residence Hall to clean kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Work was completed on Floors 11 thru 9.
  • The architect secured "as built" drawings of all the buildings from LSUHSC Facilities and Property as part of completing their building assessment work.
  • Repairs to the (power) feeder line to the Resource Center are not yet completed, but Fisk Electric has committed to remaining on site into the evening to complete the repair.
  • Fisk Electric was also on site at the MEB and worked on cleaning corrosion off of the buildings switch gear terminals.
  • Triton Mechanical is working at the Dental School; planning wire runs, connections to water system, etc. needed to connect temporary power and A/C to the main buildings.
  • The cooling tower at the CSRB is now operating. This tower supplies condenser water to the building's walk in coolers. Selected coolers in the building will be turned on in the next few days.