Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Monday, November 7, 2005

  • The contractor has finished cleaning the remaining walk in cooler in the MEB kitchen, along with all of the seminar rooms on the 3rd Floor of the building.
  • Power is now connected to the MEB switchgear, but not yet being fed to the circuits in the building.
  • Reliable Elevator has completed temporary repairs to one passenger elevator at the Resource Center.
  • Temporary air conditioning is now available in the Dental Schools Clinic Building.
  • The contractor responsible for removing and disposing of flood damaged movable equipment and furnishings began work today. Approximately 50% of the rooms on the 1st floor of the Resource Center have been cleared.
  • The fire pump controller panel at the Residence Hall was replaced and the system is being tested.
  • The 2nd rebuilt domestic water pump has been installed at the MEB and the 1st pump has been removed from the Residence Hall and sent for rebuilding.
  • The pre-bid meeting for the solicitation to repair switchgear at Res. Hall, CSRB, Lions Eye Center and Nursing/Allied Health was held today with prospective bidders. Bids are due on 11/11/05.
  • A solicitation to repair various types of water pumps (domestic, hot water, etc.) at the Residence Hall, MEB, CSRB, Lions Eye Center, Nursing/Allied Health and the Resource Center has been prepared. The Office of Facility Planning and Control has been requested to approve the release of the solicitation.