Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Friday, January 13, 2006

  • The contractor has completed the removal of flood damaged carpet and building materials at the CSRB. They continue working at Stanislaus Hall and a crew began working on the 1st floors of the Dental School Administration and Clinic Buildings.
  • LSUHSC staff work on the installation of temporary environmental isolation of the CSRB 1st floor is progressing well under the supervision of the environmental consultant. Work should be completed by the end of the day.
  • CSRB Switchgear: Both main risers supplying power to the building are energized and are holding loads.
  • MEB Switchgear: The four new breakers have been installed at the MEB. Testing is underway now and if successful, the permanent repairs for this building will be complete.
  • Nursing/Allied Health Switchgear: Additional parts for the Nursing/Allied Health switchgear are expected next week.
  • Residence Hall Switchgear: The contractor will be replacing the emergency electrical riser panel in the Residence Hall over the weekend.
  • The new fire pump for the CSRB is expected to arrive next week. Installation should take approximately a week. The fire pump has been installed at the Resource Center.
  • One bid was received in response to the solicitation to repair air compressors, vacuum pumps and water purifiers at CSRB, Lion's Eye Center, & MEB. The bid is being evaluated and will be forwarded to the Office of Facility Planning and Control, the Office of Risk Management and FEMA for consideration.
  • The contractor began making repairs to the fire alarm system at the MEB.
  • Work under the contract to remove flood damaged equipment and furnishings is substantially complete. All that remains is the final disposal of the remaining refrigerators that have been removed from buildings.