Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

  • The evaluation of the bids to repair the emergency generators at the downtown campus has been completed. The award recommendation has been forwarded to the Office of Facility Planning, the Office of Risk Management and FEMA for concurrence.
  • We have received the concurrence of the Office of Facility Planning, the Office of Risk Management, and FEMA with our award recommendation for the environmental remediation of the CSRB, MEB and Lions Eye Center. The successful bidder has been notified of the contract award. Work on the contract should begin shortly.
  • The contractor has completed their cleaning and restoration of records from the Registrar's Office. The return of those records is being coordinated at this time. The Dental School library collection has also been cleaned and is now in storage until the books can be returned.
  • The removal of flood damaged carpet and building materials at Stanislaus Hall is complete.
  • CSRB switchgear: The final transformer needed for the repairs has been delivered and will be installed tomorrow.
  • The contractor has completed the initial round of cleaning in public areas and restrooms throughout both the Dental School Clinic and Administration buildings. The crews are going back through the spaces to identify and clean any areas that may have been missed.
  • The Lion's Eye Center and the Nursing/Allied Health fire pumps have been installed. The contractor must still pour the concrete pads to secure the pumps and make the electrical connections to the pump motors.
  • The repairs to the small Animal Care sterilizer in the CSRB have been completed.
  • In order to make repairs to the permanent power in the Medical Education Building, a temporary power outage estimated to last 4 hours is scheduled for Thursday, January 26, at noon.