Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, January 05, 2006

  • The initial, pre-design meetings with the two architectural firms selected for the major projects to repair and renovate the Dental School campus and the downtown campus have both been scheduled on 1/12/06; morning and afternoon respectively.
  • The State Fire Marshal inspected the CSRB and Residence Hall today and provided instructions on steps necessary to occupy the buildings prior to the completion of permanent repairs to key systems in each building. Requirements include the institution of fire watches and temporary emergency lighting in the buildings. LSUHSC Property & Facilities staff has begun installation of battery-powered emergency lights in the CSRB. We are hopeful that the repairs to the CSRB fire alarm system and the installation of the fire pump will be completed in time to avoid the need for a fire watch in that building.
  • Work on the removal of flood damaged carpet and building materials is 90% complete at 1542 Tulane. The final inspection of the work done at MEB revealed that the work had been completed properly.
  • The contractor making permanent switchgear repairs removed the main breaker and main fuse truck from the Nursing/Allied Health building and the building will be without power for 10 days to two weeks while these components are being repaired. The contractor also removed the spare main riser breaker from Lion's Eye Center and has sent it to be rebuilt.
  • The electrical problems related to the MEB boilers have been identified and fixed. The repaired boilers will be lit tomorrow.
  • All of the repairs to the fire alarm systems at the Lions Eye Center have been completed except for the devices (strobes, sensors, detectors, etc.) needed for the elevator pits. These devices are scheduled to be delivered and installed by 1/20/06.
  • Work started on the repairs to the Animal Care cage washers, bottle washers and sterilized in the CSRB today.
  • The fire pump for the CSRB was delivered today and installation will begin tomorrow.