Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Friday, January 06, 2006

  • Bids to make permanent repairs to various types of pumps to supply water and heat to the Stanislaus Hall, MEB, CSRB, Lions Eye Center, Nursing/Allied Health, and Resource Center were opened today. The results are now being tabulated and evaluated.
  • All of the flood damaged furniture and equipment has been removed from the campus buildings. Small quantities of equipment are still temporarily stored on site while additional offsite storage space is located.
  • All of the flood damaged carpet and building materials have been removed from the Nursing/Allied Health building and the cleaning phase of the contract has begun in that building. The contractor began removal of flood damaged carpet and debris at Stanislaus Hall. The work also continues in the basement of 1542 Tulane. The initial wash down of non-porous, metal equipment began today in the Dental School basement.
  • Work continues on the permanent repairs of the Nursing/Allied Health switchgear. The contractor is also installing buss bars at the CSRB and the 1st of the two main trucks for the CSRB has been rebuilt and will be installed on Monday, 1/9.
  • The damaged fire pump was removed from the CSRB in preparation of the installation of the new pump.
  • The installation of temporary emergency lights at CSRB by the LSUHSC Property & Facilities staff continued today.
  • The damaged sprinkler head above the fire panel at Stanislaus Hall was replaced.
  • The MEB boilers were lit and tested today. Minor adjustments to the gas trains will be made by the contractor next week.