Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

  • A temporary shut down of power at the MEB is scheduled today (2/7) from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM to allow for the installation of the remaining ground fault interrupters in the A (S. Roman St./Gravier corner) and D (Bolivar/Perdido corner) electrical risers. This is also expected to be the final repair to the buildings switchgear.
  • Work began on the environmental remediation contract for the three research buildings today. The cleaning of the upper floors of the Lion's Eye Center was started and preparations for the removal of flood damaged wall board from 1st floor spaces also began.
  • The Office of Facility Planning & Control has instructed the architect to proceed with the solicitation of quotations for the contract to complete the environmental remediation of the Residence Hall, Stanislaus Hall, the Nursing/Allied Health Building and the Resource Center. The architect has been authorized to use an expedited process in securing a contractor.
  • The main switchgear breaker at the Nursing/Allied Health Building was successfully replaced as scheduled during the morning hours. This completes the repairs to the switchgear in this building.
  • The removal of asbestos from the basement at the Dental School has been completed. The cleaning of the basement spaces is now underway.
  • The contract to make repairs to the emergency generators at the CSRB, Lions Eye Center, MEB, Nursing/Allied Health Building, Residence Hall, and the Resource Center has been awarded.
  • The installation of the steam generators in the CSRB Animal Care cage and bottle washers continues.
  • The installation of the Residence Hall fire pump continued today. The electrical connections between the building fire alarm system and the fire pump were completed at the Lion's Eye Center.
  • Repairs to one of the freight elevators (the animal elevator) at the MEB were begun today.