Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

  • The State Fire Marshal has completed his inspection of the upper floors of the Lion's/LSU Clinic Building. He has given permission for us to reoccupy the 2nd through the 9th floors without requiring a manual fire watch.
  • The LSUHSC Property and Facilities staff are installing an additional 40-50 temporary battery powered emergency lights in the MEB to satisfy the State Fire Marshals requirements. We are attempting to schedule a follow up inspection on Friday and we remain cautiously optimistic that we can reopen the MEB on Monday, 3/6/06 as currently planned.
  • The contractor responsible for removing flood damaged building materials from the Dental School basement completed the required re-cleaning in the basement. They are awaiting the results of final testing. Once approved, we will be able to enter the basement spaces without wearing personal protective gear.
  • The contractor repairing the CSRB Animal Care cage & bottle washers and the sterilizers has the cage washer and small sterilizers on the first floor working. The bulk sterilizer has a bad detergent sensor which will be replaced in the next few days. Animal cages are now being washed.
  • Crews began repairs to elevators in the Nursing/Allied Health Building today.
  • The environmental remediation contractor is continuing his cleaning of the 4th floor and the 1st floor of the MEB.
  • The emergency generator repair crew removed the electric motor that generates electricity from the MEB generator.