Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Monday, March 20, 2006

  • Duplantier & Meric has completed the preparation of two more bid packages including plans and specifications; one for the permanent repairs to windows in the downtown campus buildings that were damaged by the storm, and the second for the environmental remediation of the remaining downtown campus buildings and structures that were not addressed with the first two contracts. Both are being shared with the Office of Facility Planning and Control, ORM and FEMA to get their concurrence on plans to proceed with the bid process.
  • Repairs to the MEB boiler controls have been completed. The testing and final adjustments to the controls are being done at this time.
  • Problems with the audio portion of the MEB fire alarm system have been found and they have been referred to the factory for resolution.
  • The environmental remediation work has been completed in Stanislaus Hall from the top floor down to the 3rd floor.
  • The remediation work has also been completed on the 2nd floor of the Resource Center.
  • The inspections of the passenger elevators at both the MEB and Lion's/LSU Clinic Building found minor issues that must be addressed before the elevators can be certified for use. All of the issues have been forwarded to the elevator contractor and follow up inspections will be scheduled once the issues have been addressed.

Friday, March 17, 2006

  • The State Elevator Inspector completed his inspections of the four passenger elevators at the Lion's/LSU Clinic Building today. Some issues were identified and are being reported to the elevator contractor. The reports on the passenger elevators at the MEB have not been published yet, so the elevators have not yet been certified for use.
  • The environmental remediation contractor has removed the floor tile on the 6th through the 11th floor in the Residence Hall.
  • The environmental remediation contractor also completed the cleaning from the top floors of the Nursing/Allied Health Building and Stanislaus Hall down to the 8th floor of each building.
  • In the Resource Center the remediation contractor has completed work on the 5th and 8th floor. Work will begin on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors over the weekend.
  • The contractor has completed repairs and is testing the fire alarm panel in the MEB.