Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

  • The fire alarm system in the Nursing/Allied Health Building is ready for inspection by the State Fire Marshal. We have requested that the inspection be completed on Thursday or Friday of this week.
  • Environmental clearances have now been received for Floors 3-9 in the Nursing/Allied Health Building. We are waiting on the reports for Floors 2 and 10.
  • Installation of floor tiles in the Residence Hall is continuing.
  • The environmental remediation contractor completed the cleaning of the C Tower elevator pit and the Nursing/Allied Health freight elevator pit today.
  • The MEB received environmental clearance for one rooftop ventilation unit. The second unit will need re-cleaning and retesting. One half of building exhaust system can be put into use once the cleared unit is started up.
  • The scheduled testing of the CSRB switchgear over the weekend was completed. We are waiting on the written report from the manufacturer at this time. However, the following summarizes the findings thus far:
    • Some problems were discovered, including some on the main breaker which has been tripping occasionally, though nothing was identified that clearly caused our problems.
    • There was some indication that there may be wiring issues on the roof mounted exhaust units. This will be the next focus for LSUHSC Facilities staff.
    • There were also some indications that the trip settings are too "tight." This will require that we secure some electrical engineering assistance to analyze further.
    • The LSUHSC Property & Facilities staff will build on this analysis and walk out from the switchgear to ensure the CSRB building systems are performing as well as possible.
    • Today, the A side main breaker and mechanical equipment breaker on the A side tripped around 3:00 PM. The breakers were reset and power was restored within 20 minutes.