Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

  • In the Gross Anatomy Lab, there are a few of the new sinks that leak. The contractor and LSUHSC Facility Services are working together to address these issued.
    • One sink is marked as out of order, due to the acid drain (glass) having broken. The repairs are anticipated to be complete on this sink tomorrow.
  • The lights in the Gross Lab were temporarily repaired by Facility Services while waiting for the new automatic sensors to be installed.
  • The contractor still needs to connect the gas in room 4207A (just off of the Gross Lab).
  • The contractor is making progress in the MEB Lecture Room A.
    • The electricians continue to make the electrical and data connections to the individual table tops.
    • The furniture installers are continuing with the installation of the modesty panels. The truck arrived from the manufacturer late in the afternoon with the remaining table tops and modesty panels required to complete the installation.
  • In Lecture Room B, testing revealed that 14 of the network outlets mounted on the table tops were not functioning. The majority of the problems have been resolved and the three (3) remaining connections have been marked.
    • The LSUHSC Computer Services Network group has spent considerable time over a short period of time to test and trouble shoot the network connections in Lecture Room B, so that they will be available for the 1st year Medical students in the morning.
  • The contractor making permanent repairs to damaged windows on the downtown campus has approximately 15 windows still to replace. Some of the replacement window systems are still on order, and the contractor needs different equipment to complete the installation of others.
  • The environmental remediation contactor returned to 1542 Tulane today to complete additional cleaning on the 1st and 2nd floors (Room 214). Those spaces have also been re-tested to determine if the cleaning was effective. As soon as the test results come in, we will advise you of the status of those spaces. Until then, Room 214 and the 1st floor are still restricted.