Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Monday, October 16, 2006

  • Entergy powered up their electrical vault in the basement at 1542 Tulane today.  They will briefly turn it off in order to change out some switches and then they will power it back on.
    • The power from the vault to the switch gear is good.
    • The contractor will power up the switch gear and the rest of the new or repaired equipment installed as part of the Temporary Power Project tomorrow and testing will begin.
  • At the Central Power Plant, the deferred maintenance on the original VFD and pump is underway.
    • The contractor is running a raceway from the filter to the VFD.
    • The original cable that ran to the VFD is not long enough to reach from the filter and to the VFD so more cable has been ordered.
    • The junction box that was previously installed over the VFD is being moved to the filter. Connections will be made from there and run to the VFD.
  • The contractor finished backfilling the trench in Student Lot #3.
    • They are running wire from each light pole to the distribution panel.
    • They are also preparing to build concrete bases for each new light pole.
  • The Phase 2 electrical contractor at the Dental School is on site finishing some punch-list items (i.e., testing the dock lighting, clean-up of debris materials, etc.).
    • The mechanical sub-contractor is on site completing the labeling/identification of the remaining sewerage & drain pipe.
  • The Dental School environmental consultant is on site gathering detailed room-by-room information as he prepared the environmental remediation contract for Floors 2-8 in the Clinic Building and Floors 2-4 in the Administration Building.   
    • Portable negative-air machines and dehumidifiers have been delivered to the site to be used in the remediation of the upper floors.