Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Monday, October 30, 2006

  • The contractor at 1542 Tulane is completing the demolition of abandoned conduits in the basement. 
    • The environmental remediation contractor has completed cleaning the elevator pits and floor drains in the basement.
  • At Student Lots #2 and #3, the contractor will start building the concrete forms for the light pole bases tomorrow.   
    • The electrical panel was hung at Student Lot #2 and wire was pulled. 
  • During their inspection of thermostats in the Dental School Clinic Building, the contractor discovered a water leak on the 8th floor.   Rooms 8318 and 8403 were the only rooms that were affected. 
  • The pump motors were delivered to the second floor of the Dental School Power Plant.  The contractor began the installation of the pump motors, as well as their inspection of the motor control center. 
  • The incinerator contractor returned to the Dental School campus today to continue his repair work, now that the natural gas regulator has been replaced. 
  • LSUHSC Health and Safety removed all of the fire extinguishers from the Dental School Clinic and Administration buildings so that they can be inspected and refilled as necessary. 
  • The mechanical sub-contractor at the Dental School evaluated the remote zone dampers that LSUHSC has in stock to see if they could be installed as is, or if modifications would be required.