Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

  • The elevator contractor at the Dental School is removing the call buttons on the 1st floor and in the basement of the Clinic Building .  The contractor is also installing new light fixtures in elevator #3.  The elevator contractor is running the wires for the elevator #3 control panels.
  • The Phase 2 mechanical contractor has resumed the pipe labeling/identification of the water lines in the basement of the Dental School Administration Building .  There are a couple of short branches of hot, cold, chilled, and tempered water lines that were not identified and labeled initially.  The contractor is addressing those now.  Once complete, only the drain lines will require labeling.
  • The Phase 2 electrical contractor is roughing-in the electrical devices that are being installed on the newly repaired block walls in the basement of the Dental School .   Lighting fixtures and devices are also being installed on the loading dock.
  • The contractor responsible for the Student Parking Lot lighting continued to lay out the locations for light poles. Work continues on the trench that will contain the electrical conduit and wiring for the new lights at Student Lot #3.  
  • Additional testing for the suspected natural gas leak at 1542 Tulane is planned and should occur in the very near future. Until the possibility of a leak can be ruled out, the plan to reenergize the repaired electrical system will remain on hold.