Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

  • At Student Lot #2, the contractor is running the last of the conduit on Bertrand St. side of the lot.  They still need to dig the trenches and run the conduit on the Bolivar St. side. 
    • The steel reinforcement for the new concrete light pole bases has arrived.  The contractor is using the steel to build the concrete reinforcement “cages” to go around each timber pile. 
    • They anticipate pouring concrete sometime during the week of November 6th (depending on weather). 
  • The sheet metal sub-contractor began working on replacing bad dampers in the Dental School Clinic Building today. 
    • They discovered some disparities between the blue print dimensions and the damper sizes.  However, when the dampers are installed they appear to fit properly. 
    • The sub-contractor is checking with the design engineers to determine if the size disparity is a significant issue. 
  • The contractor also had Ditech Dehumidification Technologies evaluate the Dental School HVAC system to see how much they can assist with drying out the buildings. 
  • The contractor at 1542 Tulane is continuing the process of tracing out the electrical sub-panels in building.  The lack of “as built” drawings for this building makes this process tedious and time consuming. 
    • The contractor also started removing the abandoned conduit and electrical wire in the basement cafeteria space.