Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Student Parking Lot Lighting Project:

·        Parking Lot 2 - The last of the wire has been pulled and work progresses preparing each location for pouring the concrete bases for the light poles.

·        Parking Lot 3 - Forms are being removed and the holes around the concrete bases for the light poles backfilled.

Dental School:

·        Pfleuger cut power to the building to install a ground for the new switch gear in the basement. The emergency generator powered the building until the main power was restored.

·        LSU's trustees were on site to cut and clear the areas on the grounds near the back campus

1542 Tulane Ave:

·        Ordes has finished with their portion of the elevator power wiring, and are ready for the elevator contractor to do his work.

·        Power wiring to the print shop on the first floor will be complete by tomorrow evening.

·        Arc Mechanical is repairing more leaks found in the basement.