Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

  • The part that is required to start up the new chillers at the Dental School did not arrive today as had been expected.  The manufacturers representative worked to remove the bad part today and will install the new part as soon as it arrives. 
  • The work to replace and/or repair the thermostats and actuators at the Dental School continued today.  The sub-contractor is currently working on the 4th floor. 
  • DH Technologies will have the dehumidification units (capable of dropping the humidity in the buildings to 35%) running by this evening.
  • The contractor has almost completed the construction of the concrete forms for the light pole bases in Student Parking Lot #2.  Unfortunately, delivery of the concrete for the new light pole bases will now delayed until next Wednesday. 
  • At Student Parking Lot #3, the day was spent compacting the trenches dug for the electrical conduit and wiring, and in continuing to clean up the remaining construction debris on the site.
  • The mechanical sub-contactor at 1542 Tulane worked on repairing the leak in the chilled water line in the first floor pipe chase but they were unable to finish.  They are expected to complete repairs tomorrow.
    • A drain line was backing up on the first floor but the sub-contractor did not have the equipment to clear the pipe.  They will bring someone in tomorrow to open up the clogged line. 
    • They are also continuing to remove the old abandoned pipes in the basement.
  • The 1542 Tulane contractor continued working to remove the old electrical panel in the basement to make way for the new transformer.
  • NOTE: Student Lot #2 will be closed this weekend while it is being used by SMG Superdome Management for the Bayou Classic game personnel parking.  Please help us by removing all vehicles from Student Lot #2 by 6:00 PM Friday, November 24th. Access to Student Lot #2 will be controlled by SMG for a 24 hour period beginning Saturday morning, November 25th at 3:00 AM.  LSUHSC students may resume normal use of Student Lot #2 at 3:00 AM on Monday, November 27th.  LSUHSC students have alternative parking options available in Student Lots #1 and #3 as well as the usual weekend and holiday parking in the Roman Street garage.