Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, November 09, 2006

  • At 1542 Tulane Ave., the contractor has found several leaks in the domestic water system and one in the chilled water system.  Repairs are being evaluated so that they can be included in a change order to the existing contract.  
  • Student Parking Lot 2 - Work continues to prepare the holes around the pilings for the concrete bases; insuring the correct size and depth, before the concrete is poured. 
  • Student Parking Lot 3 - All of the preparation work is complete for pouring the concrete bases.  Concrete is now scheduled to be poured tomorrow (Friday) 11/10. 
  • The mechanical sub-contractor for the Dental School project replaced the fitting on the chemical feed pipe for the condenser water supply.
    • The progress continues on the inspection and as needed repairs of the air handling units.  Approximately 6 units remain to be inspected. 
    • The contractor located a leak that is affecting the emergency chiller.  They are preparing a quotation for the repair work.