Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

  • Work on the various punch list items is underway at the Dental School. 
    • New strainers are being installed in the floor drains of the basement.
    • The platform that was installed in the Power Plant is being painted.
    • The mason is patching the cavities in the basement.
  • The Dental School elevator contractor is installing the new panels that control the operation of the freight elevator doors. 
  • The architects and a testing company will be inspecting the pipes running through the tunnel from the Power Plant to the Dental School basement during this week.  They will be looking for any evidence of the presence of chlorides. 
    • The day for the inspection has not yet been determined, but the effort should take approximately one half day to complete. 
  • In the MEB, the new ceiling grids have been installed in the 3rd floor hallways. 
    • New ceiling tiles and new light fixtures are now being installed in the 3rd floor hallways.