Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Friday, February 09, 2007

  • NOTICE: We have repair work to accomplish on the 10th floor of the Nursing/Allied Health Building which will require shutting off the domestic water pumps (hot and cold) as well as the medical air and vacuum systems.  This will mean that there will be no water at any faucets and no toilets will flush above the 3rd floor.  Also, there will be no medical air or vacuum in the building during the outage.  This outage is scheduled for Saturday, February 10th from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  Please do not open any faucets or flush any toilets during this outage, as this can cause problems once the water pressure is returned. 
  • The ceiling tiles on the 2nd floors of both the Dental Clinic and Administration buildings are being removed by a contractor secured by LSUHSC. 
    • LSUHSC Facility Services has approximately three quarters of the ceiling tiles removed from the 8th floor of the Clinic Building.
  • The electrical contractor has had to remove the conduit they ran in the penthouse of the Clinic Building and re-run it. 
    • BellSouth tech inspected the 5th floor room where the new telecommunications equipment will be installed, in preparation for reestablishing service to the buildings.
  • The mechanical subcontractor at 1542 Tulane Ave. continues to work on the installation of the new sump pumps in the basement.
    • The elevator contractor has assigned additional personnel to the job to speed up the completion of the repairs.
    • The pipe insulation project is continuing as they work on the chilled water loop.
    • The contractor has completed pulling wires for the fire alarm panel in the security office and installing lights in the basement area.
  • The project to make enhancements to the MEB atrium is progressing.
    • The drywall contractor is completing the taping and finishing of the joints in the new drywall.
    • The painting contractor continued priming portions of the new drywall.  They plan to continue working over the weekend to get the majority of the drywall painted in advance of the flooring work.
    • Much of the new ceiling tile has been installed.
    • The installation of the new flooring will begin on Monday.  The current schedule has the flooring in the elevator lobby of the Nursing/Allied Health Building beginning on Wednesday.  This will interfere with normal foot traffic to some extent and we ask for your patience during this time.  The contractor will insure that limited access through the elevator lobby will always be available.