Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


  • A major renovation is about to transform the cafeteria dining area in the Medical Education Building .   We are honored to have John Williams as our architect.  He has designed some of the most notable restaurants in New Orleans , including The Redfish Grill, G.W. Fins, The Bourbon House and The Pearl.  Renderings of his design concept and finished floor plan are posted in the cafeteria for your review. 
    • The new design will create an enhanced dining experience in a modern restaurant atmosphere and will feature comfortable multi-level seating.  Already installed is a set of sliding glass panels that will close off the food service area and allow the rest of the facility to serve as a student lounge/study area which can remain open 24/7. This area will be available for student use immediately through the exam period.  The new seating area will be equipped with wireless technology and ample connections for power and data connections. 
    • Some preliminary demolition and mechanical work is already underway, but the bulk of the construction will not begin until mid-May.  We will coordinate with each school to minimize noise and inconvenience during the exam period.  Our objective is to have the enhanced facility completed when you return in the fall.
    • It is our intent to keep the kitchen and food delivery area intact and serving a full menu throughout the construction period.  Once construction begins, the seating area will be moving across the hall to Seminar Room 4 and, if necessary, also to Seminar Room 5.

Dental School : 

  • Bellsouth/AT&T worked in the 1st floor telephone room in the Administration Building; removing all the damaged equipment. 
    • They installed a new cable assembly board in the Power Plant. 
    • They also worked on the connection for the new fiber obtics from the 5th floor to the penthouse in preparation for the change over from the microwave dish to the new fiber cable. This microwave dish was installed for the cell tower after the storm.
  • Zimmer completed the carpet removal on the 6th floor of the Clinic Building and has moved to the 7th floor. 
  • Boe-Tel continues installing the cable trays on the 3rd and 4th floors.  They are also removing the old network wires in the ceiling area.

1542 Tulane Ave. :

  • Ordes Electrical continues to pull old cloth insulated wire out of the basement engine room. 
    • They are also in the process of installing new electrical panels. 
  • Stratos Elevators continues to install speed safety switches in Elevator #3.
  • Arc Mechanical started removing the flood damaged heat exchangers in preparation for their replacement. 

Irrigation Project:

  • Piping for 3 stations of the irrigation system have been installed and buried.  These are located on the Gravier Street side of the Lions/LSU Clinic building.