Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dental School:

  • Boe-Tel is running the new network cable on the 6th floor of the Clinic Building.
  • Schindler is working in the Administration Building penthouse on the controller for Elevator #3.
  • Progress continues on the remediation and duct cleaning project.  Work is currently focused in the Clinic Building . 
    • 1st floor - All of the air samples have been tested and have passed.  The containment was removed yesterday afternoon. 
      • We are still awaiting the duct sample results.
    • 2nd floor - The duct cleaning and area cleaning is complete and air samples must be taken and tested.
    • 3rd floor - The duct cleaning is complete and the area cleaning is close to being completed.  Air samples and duct samples will have to be taken and tested.
    • 4th floor - The ducts are cleaned and are in the process of being coated with the antimicrobial solution.  
      • Area cleaning will begin as soon as the 3rd floor area cleaning is completed.
    • 5th floor - The ducts are being cleaned. 
    • North stairwell - The stairwell is being painted with the antimicrobial paint.

1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Stratos Elevator is preparing Elevator #3 for the inspection by the State Elevator Inspector which they are scheduling for next week.
  • Arc Mechanical is still checking valves in the basement.  
  • Ordes Electrical is installing breakers for all of the 480 volt pumps. 

Downtown Campus Landscaping Project:

  • A large plant order was received today.  The planting will begin shortly.