Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dental School :

  • Ceiling grid installation is nearly complete on the 7th and 8th floors of the Clinic Building and continues on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Administration Building. 
    • Sprinkler head adjustments continue to be made on the 7th and 8th floors of the Clinic Building. 
    • Sheetrock installation around the 5th floor linear diffusers is nearly complete. 
  • Viable sample results on air handling units E8A, E8C, and EL3B failed.
    • Zimmer is re-cleaning these units and re-samples are to be taken this evening.
    • Units E8B and E8D passed and were turned on this afternoon. 
  • The new network cables continue to be terminated throughout the Clinic Building floors. 
    • The cable trays on part of the 2nd floor of the Administration Building were raised to accommodate the drop ceiling.
  • Carpet installation on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of the Clinic Building continued today. 
  • Both of the sections of the new cooling tower were lifted onto the roof of the Power Plant and set on the prepared steel structure.  

1542 Tulane Ave. :

  • Ordes pulled wiring from panel PLL-8 to the disconnect box that will supply power to the guard station once the wiring is completed. 
  • Arc Mechanical is fabricating and installing new pipe on the discharge side of the condensate receiver.
  • Stratos Elevator received the new elevator cab for elevator #2 and is dismantling the existing cab.  

Parking Lot Repaving:

  • The contractor is installing new chain link fencing in Student Lot #3 along S. Prieur Street. 
    • All of the concrete wheel-stops have been installed and the striping is completed in Lot #3. 
  • The contractor is applying the 1st layer of asphalt in Lot #2.
    • The contractor is also setting the wood forms for the new sidewalk adjacent to Lot #2.

Landscaping Project:

  • The installation of sod around the CSRB and the Lions/LSU Clinic is complete. 
  • The installation of plants in the large plant bed on the Gravier St. side of the Lions/LSU Clinic is progressing.