Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, October 11, 2007

1542 Tulane Ave.:
  • Ordes terminated the power feed for the emergency electrical riser EMB and checked all the lighting served from that riser.
    • The contractor also terminated the wiring for the emergency generator. It is now ready for testing.
  • Stratos continues to work on Elevators #7 and #8; changing the door track and guides.
  • Arc Mechanical is making a materials list for the repair of the soft water system.
  • Siemens continues to work on the fire alarm system; installing new junction boxes and the conduit for the fire pump controls.
  • The painting contractor continues to remove the peeling paint in Stairwell C.
Dental School:
  • Landis began installation of the indirect lights in the fur downs in the Clinic Building 1st Floor elevator lobby.
  • The installation of the wood veneer in the main lobby space continued today.
  • Landis began the rough-in for light fixtures in the 2nd floor Administration Building conference room.
Landscaping Project:
  • The crews completed the installation of channel drains on the Gravier St. side of the Allied Health/Nursing Building.
    • The majority of the garden edging has been installed.
    • The workers cleaned up most of the shells exposed on the surface of the soil in the same area.
MEB Cafeteria Project:
  • The installation of the cashier registers is now complete.
  • The installation of the seating booths on the elevated deck portion of the cafeteria continues.
  • The feature wall installation is nearing completion.
  • The countertop is being re-cut so that it fits precisely.
  • The general contractor is working on addressing punch list items.
Morgue Cooler Project:
  • All of the new panels that form the cooler and freezer have been installed.
  • The lights are completely installed and operational.
  • The epoxy flooring is complete.
  • All of the new condensing units are installed and piped.
  • The new morgue racks are now in production.