Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, November 8, 2007

1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Ordes is working to complete the installation of the new Entergy Thermal control box (PLC) which monitors the controls on the Energy Transfer Station. 
    • The contractor is also removing the electrical connections for the fire pump motor.
  • Stratos Elevator continues to work on Elevator # 7; installing the tape selectors which aids in the automatic cab leveling.
    • The contractor continues to install the new wiring for the controller on Elevator # 8.
  • Siemens continues to install new fire alarm wiring, speakers, and strobes on the 6th floor of the building.
  • The painting contractor began removing the peeling paint in Stairwell B.
    • The paint has been removed on floors 1 – 3.
    • The contractor is floating the walls on Floors 4, 5, and 6.
    • The contractor primed the walls in Stairwell D. 
  • Faculty and stall began cleaning offices and removing personal items on Floors 1 and 2 in preparation for the final remediation and duct cleaning.

Dental School :

  • The taping, floating and painting of the upper fur downs in the 1st Floor lobby of the Clinic Building continued today. 
  • All of the ceiling tile has been installed in the 2nd Floor Conference Room in the Administration Building .
  • The re-installation of the ceiling tiles and the installation of the controls for the inline dampers continues throughout the buildings.

MEB Cafeteria:

  • Advanced Millwork has been installing the maple veneer walls and the booths on elevated deck of the cafeteria.
  • Zimmer continues to work on addressing the outstanding punch list items. 
  • The doors have been installed.
  • Zimmer also started preparing the four columns in the cafeteria for the ceramic tile installation.

MEB Morgue:

  • The contractor has finished insulating the pipes for the condensing units.
  • The stainless steel strips for the cooler panels have been installed.
  • The hose with reel for washing the coolers is now installed.
  • The contractor is now beginning work on punch list items as the contract nears completion.

Allied Health/School of Nursing Flooring:

  • All of the new floor tile has been installed in the 8th Floor elevator lobby and in Corridors A and B. 
    • The tile installation in Corridors C and D will be completed this evening.

Landscaping Project:

  • The installation of irrigation stations 7 and 8 on the S. Roman St. side of the Allied Health/Nursing Building has been completed. 
  • Crews removed all of the old vegetation and started added topsoil to the sections that will become planting beds in the same area.