Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, January 17, 2008

1542 Tulane Ave. :

  • Siemens is trouble-shooting the fire alarm system wiring on the 1st Floor.
    • The contractor has established a stable connection between the new fire alarm panel and the 8th Floor devices and is working on establishing a stable connection between the fire panel and the devices in the basement, and the mechanical and animal care spaces on the roof. 
    • The contractor replaced damaged wiring on the 7th Floor and is pulling new fire alarm wiring on the 6th Floor.
  • Stratos Elevator continues to install the buffers for Elevator #8.
    • The contractor continues to install new door hangers and track for Elevator #1 (1st - 6th floors completed).
  • ATT/Bell continues to work on relocating the demark on the 2nd floor in room 243.
  • Zimmer-Eschette finished coating the ducts on the 5th Floor and began to seal the ducts on the 8th Floor.
  • The contractor began removing building debris in the rear of the building (the old section) on Floors 5 - 8.
  • Zimmer continues to clean in the 3rd Floor corridors and rooms along the Tulane Ave. side of the building and in the "A section (over parking garage)".
  • The areas/rooms that failed the initial air sample clearance for mold have been re-cleaned and are being re-tested.
  • Zimmer continues to remove the floor tile on the 4th Floor in the corridor and rooms along Tulane Avenue .
  • The painting contractor finished priming on the 8th Floor and is priming on the 1st Floor ( Suite 123 ).
    • The contractor began floating the walls on the 7th Floor.
  • Trison Constructors relocated the sprinkler heads in the new network closets (Rms. 126/126A, 357, and 455).
    • The contractor has installed the plywood backboard in Room 455.
  • Boe-tel is removing the old network wiring and is pulling new network wires on the 7th Floor.

Dental School :

  • The roofing contractor has completed demolition of the Clinic Building penthouse roof.

MEB Roofing Project:

  • The temporary roof is complete in the area of the boiler exhaust and the emergency generator.
  • Work continues on the S. Roman Street side of the roof.

Exterior Lighting Project:

  • The contractor cut the last of the access panels on the Allied Health/Nursing Building.
    • They are now installing the new lights at those locations. 

Landscaping Project:

  • The crews completed the installation of another irrigation station on the Perdido St. side of the MEB. 
  • New sod has been laid on the S. Roman St. side of the Allied Health/Nursing Building.  This completes the landscaping of this building. 
  • Sod was also laid at the corner of the MEB at the intersection of S. Roman St. and the entrance/exit to the MEB loading dock area.