Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Siemens is stabilizing the fire alarm wiring in the elevator penthouse.
  • Stratos Elevator continues to install the elevator cab walls in Elevator #1.
  • The remediation contractor continues to seal the cleaned HVAC ducts on the 5th and 6th Floors.
  • Zimmer continues to remove debris from the 2nd Floor in the rear of the building
  • Zimmer began cleaning on the 2nd Floor in the offices along the main (central) corridor.
    • The cleaned areas along Tulane Ave. were sampled for mold.
  • The painting contractor continues to paint in Suite 123 and float the walls on the 6th and 7th Floors.
  • Boe-Tel began terminating the new network wiring on the 7th Floor.

MEB Roof Replacement:

  • The contractor has started pouring the lightweight concrete on the penthouses and on the Bolivar street side of the MEB.
    • The contractor also started removing the last portion of lightweight concrete on the S. Roman street side of the building.

Dental School:

  • Sherlocks Construction continued installing the wiring for the emergency lights in the temporary bookstore. 
    • They also began painting the interior walls of the new space.
  • Schindler worked on the car top equipment for Elevator # 8 in the Administration Building.
    • They also began installing the cab interiors for Elevator # 4 in the Clinic Building.

Downtown Campus – 1st Floors:

  • The State Fire Marshal has required that we take measures on the unoccupied 1st Floors and basements of the buildings on the downtown campus. This work will insure that the existing sprinkler systems function properly while we wait for the permanent repairs to be designed, bid, contracted and completed.
  • In the majority of the buildings, the most cost effective method of accomplishing this goal is to re-install ceiling tiles into the existing ceiling grid on the 1st Floor.
  • A contract has been issued for the work.
    • All of the temporary ceiling tiles are on site and have been moved to the designated buildings.
    • Trison has started installing ceiling tiles inside the 1st Floor lobby of the MEB.

Exterior Lighting Project:

  • Frischhertz continued to auger the holes in the 440 Perdido Lot, Student Lot 1, and the Residence Hall Lot for the new light pole concrete bases.
  • Additional layers of plaster are being applied to the locations where the new exterior lights were installed at the MEB.