Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, June 5, 2008

1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Stratos is changing the travel cables for Elevator #7. 
  • Zimmer-Eschette is cleaning the control booth and the storage room in the auditorium.
  • RCC installed VCT and carpet in the corridor behind the auditorium.
  • Premier Source Inc. continues to grind the terrazzo on the Tulane Ave. corridor on the 5th Floor.
  • The contractor began installing mini-blinds in offices on the 7th and 8th Floors.

Resource Center 3rd Floor - Library Commons Project:

  • Construction walls have been repositioned to allow the completion of demolition. 
  • All the walls, flooring, ceilings and grid, the rest of the storefront including the automatic doors and the storefront ceiling braces have been removed from the elevator lobby.
  • In the areas outside of the elevator lobby, all the walls, lighting, electrical, and ductwork has been removed.
    • The temporary string lights have been hung.
    • The emergency egress route has been marked on the floor.
  • The restroom walls and ceiling requiring demolition have been completed. 

Lions/LSU Clinic Building Permanent Repairs and Mitigation:

  • Removal of the slab from the front of the building to make room for the new exterior stairwell continues.
  • Dry flood-proofing of the pit for Elevators #2 and #3 continues.
  • CMI is working on sheetrock and electrical on the 2nd Floor.
  • CMI continues working on the plumbing, mechanical, electrical, sheetrock, and fire sprinklers on the 6th Floor.
  • CMI is working on plumbing on the 7th Floor.

MEB 2nd Floor Lobby Renovation:

  • Zimmer was removing the tile and storefront material that was demolished last week and earlier this week.

Downtown Landscaping Project:

  • Crews completed the installation of pipe and sprinklers for Irrigation Station # 4 which serves the grassy area on the Bolivar St. side of the Resource Center. 
  • They flushed Station # 3 to remove debris from the lines. 
  • Approximately one half of Station # 5 which serves the planting beds was installed. 
  • Power was connected to the Resource Center Building automatic irrigation controller.
    • Crews worked on installing conduit to run the irrigation valve control wires inside the building to the controller.