Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Lions/LSU Clinic Building Permanent Repairs and Mitigation:

  • Work that is in progress includes the following:
    • Installation of CMU walls on the Bolivar St. side of the building. 
    • Running new electrical service in the new CMU walls on the 1st Floor. 
    • Dry flood-proofing of 2 elevator shafts.
    • Piping VAV’s on the 6th Floor.
    • Running new thermostat wires and preparing controls for the VAV’s on the 6th Floor. 
    • Sanding the new sheet rocked walls on the 6th Floor. 
    • Patching old floor penetrations on the 6th Floor. 
    • Demolishing the old storm drain on 6th Floor.


1542 Tulane Ave. :

  • The replacement of the hoist cable on Elevator #7 is progressing. 
    • The contactor continues to work on the repairs to Elevator # 4.   
  • The contractor completed installing suspended ceilings in department head offices on Floors 7 and 8.
    • The crews continue installing suspended ceilings throughout the building. 
  • Patching is complete on the 8th Floor and continues on the 7th Floor. 
    • The contractor continues painting offices and working on punch list items.
  • The mechanical contractor is installing piping in the new lounge areas.
  • Electrical and mechanical contractors are servicing fan coil units in offices throughout the building.
  • The pipe insulation contractor is insulating piping in the hallways.
  • The sandblasting contractor continues resurfacing the front steps.
  • Crews completed installation of room signage on Floors 7 and 8.
  • Plumbers continue to cap piping and install segregation valves.


Roman St. Garage:

  • The contractor completed rerouting the new fire alarm wires and removed the old wires. 


Downtown Perimeter Fence Project:

  • The contractor completed forming blocks and installing rebar at both Student Parking Lots. 



  • The contractor continues installing the steel support for the partition storage area.
  • The demolition of the old plumbing continues.


MEB 4th Floor Ceiling Replacement:

  • The contractor started framing the fur down at the student lounge on the Roman St. side of the building.
  • The crew completed repairing the concrete sub-floor and installed the new carpet in the former blue locker area.


MEB 2nd Floor Lobby Renovations:

  • The contractor continues to grind down the old floor surface in preparation for the new flooring.


Library Commons:

  • LSUHSC Facility Services electricians continue to work on the electrical rough-in. 
  • The contractor continues building the bulk head. 
  • The contractor completed sonar tests to verify the core drill locations.


Dental School Campus:

  • Needham Roofing began the coring work for the conduit on the Administration Building roof.
    • One core was completed and work began on the second.
  • The terrazzo contractor continues final touch-up work.


Duct Cleaning:

  • The duct cleaning crews continue working on the 1st and 2nd Floors of the CSRB.


New Trash Compactors:

  • Preparations continue for the installation of the new trash compactors.