Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


1542 TULANE AVE. :

  • The initial re-occupation of the building began today.  Materials from the Departments of Surgery, Neurology and Pathology are scheduled to be moved in today and tomorrow. 
    • The moving contractor delivered six truck loads for the Department of Surgery to the 7th Floor.
  • The access control was activated for all doors.
  • The construction cleaning contractor continued cleaning restrooms and stairwells.
  • The elevator contractor continued removing the protective film on Elevator 8.
  • The moving contractor completed delivery of six truckloads of material to the offices on the 7th Floor.  
  • The network wiring contractor continued running new data wiring on the 6th Floor.
  • Facility Services put the new lobby light fixtures in service.
    • They installed the sink, refrigerator and ice maker in the 7th Floor lounge.



  • The electrical contractor installed wiring for the riser seating and wall sconces in Auditorium A.
  • The general contractor floated the sheetrock ceiling and walls in Auditorium B. 
  • The mechanical contractor installed piping for the heating hot water supply and return lines connected to the new AHUs.



  • Facility Services completed removing and palletizing sandbags from around buildings at the downtown campus.



  • The mechanical subcontractor insulated chill water lines, heating hot water lines, and supply lines on the east side of the 1st Floor.
    • Crews continued installing roof drains on the exterior stairwell tower.
    • They installed exhaust fans and curbs on the roof of the stairwell tower.
    • Angle stops for the plumbing fixtures in the rest rooms and the scrub sinks on the 6th Floor were installed.
  • The electrical subcontractor mounted current and potential transformers for Entergy monitoring in the switchgear on the 2nd Floor.
    • They terminated 32 feeders to the switchgear on the 2nd Floor.
    • Wire to provide power to the roll up fire doors on the 5th and 6th Floor was pulled.
  • The fireproofing subcontractor primed the saddles on the 4th – 6th Floors of the exterior stairwell tower.
  • The contractors continued to tape and float the fur downs and monitor recesses on the 6th Floor.
    • Crews framed windows on the northwest side of the 6th Floor.
    • They continue installing door frames in the middle of the 6th Floor.



  • The contractor removed ceiling tiles, chairs, disconnected electrical lines and capped plumbing lines.



  • The contractor capped existing supply HVAC duct between Tower A & B and near the corner of Perdido & Bolivar Sts.


MEB 6109 & 6148 RENOVATION:

  • The contractor installed new VCT tiles flooring.