Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, February 5, 2009


NOTICE:  There is a need to have a heating hot water and hot domestic water outage at the Resource Center Building, Allied Health/Nursing Building, Lions/LSU Clinics Building, and the Clinical Sciences Research Building.  We are hopeful that we can delay the start of this outage until 6:00 PM on Friday, February 6th.  Services are expected to be restored by 6:00 PM on Saturday, February 7th.  The domestic water will be available at faucets, but will not be hot.  Repairs are needed due to both a steam leak within the Central Plant and a leak in the heating hot water piping on the walkway.

  • Facility Services will be watching the spaces that operate 24/7 to make whatever adjustments possible to minimize problems that will occur with no heat available. 
  • Please do not plug in space heaters to attempt to overcome this problem.  In most areas, the power available is not sufficient to handle space heaters and tripped breakers may cause loss of power to critical equipment.

Beginning at 7:00 PM on Friday and lasting until about 1:00 AM on Saturday, you will not be able to use the walkway to walk between the garage and the Allied Health/Nursing Building, between the garage and the Medical Education Building , between the garage and the Lions/LSU Clinics Building, or between the garage and the CSRB.  The repairing contractor will be setting up to weld and during this time period we will have to block off the part of the walkway between the Walk to Wellness intersection near the Roman St. Garage and the Lions/LSU Clinics Building walkway in order for the welding to take place. The alternate access will be the first floor of the Allied Health/Nursing Building and the 1st floor of the MEB.


NOTICE: On Friday, February 6th, from 6:00 PM to midnight there will be a building wide power outage in the Allied Health/Nursing Building.  During this outage there will only be emergency lighting and emergency power at red outlets.  Please expect all services to be interrupted at 6:00 PM including elevators, air conditioning, and domestic hot and cold water.  This means that there will be no water at any faucet, toilet or urinal.  Please do not open any faucet or flush any toilet during this outage. 



  • The general contractor continued taping and floating the drywall in the 2nd Floor lounge, framing walls and fur downs in the 1st Floor lounge and patching holes in offices on the 3rd floor. 
  • The furniture vendor set furniture in the 4th Floor lounge and in offices on the 4th Floor.
  • The mechanical contractor continued piping new fan coil units on the 2nd and 3rd Floors.
  • The network wiring contractor completed installation of new network drops on the 4th Floor.
  • Facility Services continued painting offices and hallways on the 4th Floor.
    • The electricians ran new electrical for the exterior lights by the Shipping and Receiving entrance.



  • The general contractor installed cove base and plumbing utility access panels along the walls in Suites 8405A - 8405K.
  • The electrical contractor installed bulbs for the new light fixtures and cover plates for light switches and duplex receptacles in Suites 8405A - 8405K. 
  • The painting contractor applied the second coat of paint on door frames in Suites 8405A - 8405K.
  • The mechanical contractor installed flex duct and supply diffusers in 8405A and 8405B.



  • Facility Services completed the irrigation pipe and sprinkler installation on the Gravier St.  side of the Resource Center. 
  • The contractor began forming up the footer for the new fence, spreading topsoil and planting vegetation at the corner of Gravier St. and S. Claiborne Ave.



  • The contractor installed curtain wall mullions on the 2nd through the 4th Floors of the new stairwell.    
  • The contractor continued installing restroom partitions in the Womens restroom on the 6th Floor, S. Prieur Street side.
    • They continued installing window frames in the 6th Floor simulation room on the Bolivar Street side.
    • Crews continued installing sheetrock in the 6th Floor elevator lobby and taping and floating sheetrock on the 6th Floor, Gravier/Bolivar Street side. 
  • The sprinkler subcontractor installed valves on the sprinkler pipe riser lines in the east and west stairwells.  
  • The electrical subcontractor pulled wire for outlets and switches on the 6th Floor, Gravier/Bolivar Street side. 
  • The mechanical subcontractor insulated supply duct and chilled water lines in the mechanical room on the 6th Floor , Bolivar Street side.
    • They continued installing fire dampers on the 2nd Floor and installing control wire to AHU 1-4 in the mechanical room on the 1st Floor, S. Prieur side.



  • The contractor sanded and primed walls and installed the new main entrance door to the Library. 
  • LSU electricians installed light fixture supports above the coffee kiosk.



  • The contractor continued installing VCT tiles in the main MDL room.



  • The general contractor started hanging sheetrock in the administrative area.
  • The electrical contractor continued to pull wire in the laboratory area.
  • The mechanical contractor installed waste water pipes below the laboratory area. 



  • The contractor finished the storefront wall under the window frames and began installing steel frame for the exterior sliding glass door on the Bolivar Street side.



  • The contractor installed the door framing. 



  • The interior contractor continued installing ceiling grid for the lobby between the A & B Towers. 
    • Crews continued framing and installing sheetrock in the corner of the Perdido St. and Bolivar St. side of the lobby. 
  • The mechanical contractor installed hard duct for the diffusers in the extended lobby area.