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Charity Hospital Clean-Out Set to Begin

Charity Hospital

Jerry Jones, LSU Health New Orleans Health Care Services Division Director of Facility Planning, briefed media today on the Charity Hospital Clean-Out set to begin on January 10, 2017.

Contracts were awarded to two local companies to clean out the former Charity Hospital building and the Lapeyre-Miltenberger (L&M) Building. The contract for the Charity Hospital project went to Zimmer Eschette Service II, LLC, and the contract for the L & M Building clean-out went to Insul-tech Insulation Technologies, Inc. The clean-out of the L & M Building ix expected to start around January 16, 2017.

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The Charity Hospital project has a contract period of 180 days at a cost of $6,380,000. The Lapeyre-Miltenberger (L&M) Building project has a contract period of 90 days at a cost of $487,000. The projects and contracts have been approved by FEMA as part of the recovery from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Media Briefing
The purpose of the projects is to clean out non-fixed equipment and contents of the 1- million-square-foot former Charity Hospital and the former L & M rehabilitation and outpatient services facility. The facilities contain friable asbestos, some mold (although the facility has been ventilated), chemicals and other hazardous material, which must be safely removed before the contents can be touched. All building components and hazardous material removed will be disposed of in accordance with the most stringent local, state, or federal regulations and/or laws in effect at this time. The contractor is tasked to destroy all building contents to be removed in a manner that will render the contents as non-salvageable for reuse. Building content materials can be considered for recycling salvage, provided that the contents are broken down prior to leaving the project site. Upon completion of the contents removal work, the area will be broom swept.

Please note that it is not the intention for the cleaning operation to be performed in a manner consistent for occupancy of the area. The buildings will not be safe for immediate occupancy–any future development will require further remediation and renovation – but they will be ready for the re-purposing process to begin.