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Ahchoo! Pollen is painting the town yellow!
oak pollen
Even though allergy season is close to a year round thing in our part of the world, there are times when pollens fill the air and trigger allergies with a vengeance. More
After the Tornado
Six tornadoes hit Louisiana on February 7, 2017, including an EF-3 in New Orleans East -- the most powerful tornado in the city's history. They left behind a trail of destruction which now must be cleaned up so rebuilding can begin yet again. Dr. James Diaz offers advice to work safely and protect your health. More
Is it a cold or the flu?
A cold and the flu have some similar symptoms. Early in the course, telling them apart may be harder, especially at this time of year.Dr. Fred Lopez, LSU Health New Orleans Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases specialist, explains the difference. More
Flood Clean-up Safety
flooded house
August's devastating flooding in south Louisiana damaged tens of thousands of homes. Homeowners and volunteers are now cleaning and gutting houses so lives can be rebuilt. James Diaz, MD, MHA, MPH &TM, DrPH, Professor and Program Director of Environmental / Occupational Health Sciences at LSU Health New Orleans Public Health, details potential health effects and flood recovery safety tips. More
Bolts from the Blue: Lightning Safety
Lightning kills and injures Americans every year. The southeastern states are at highest risk for lightning strikes. There are a number of myths about lightning, as well as facts not generally known. Dr. James Aiken, LSU Health Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and Emergency Medicine specialist, explains what to do and what not to do to protect and save lives. More